disguise launches Metaverse Solutions division
Friday, 27 May 2022
disguise-metaverse-solutionsimage-2newMetaverse Solutions will build on existing disguise solutions
UK - disguise has launched a Metaverse Solutions division to continue the development of virtual production and audiovisual location-based experiences. The division will build on existing disguise solutions in order to allow businesses to take advantage of the unique opportunities the metaverse has to offer.
Launched within the past two years, disguise’s extended reality (xR) workflow has powered over 600 productions in over 50 countries. These include the delivery of live events in the metaverse, such as Kaskade’s in Fortnite and Rocket League as part of its Llama-Rama event series as well as supporting launches for major brands like Gucci and Ferrari.
“Our mission is to help create experiences that challenge expectations. We believe in connecting the physical with the virtual worlds, to create Gateways to the Metaverse,” says disguise CEO Fernando Küfer. “Through this we will enable a world that fulfils essential human needs: to connect, to collaborate and to be included. The promise of the Metaverse is to unleash a new wave of opportunities for every kind of creator, including partners, brands, and performers alike.
“We have always focused on simplifying complex technology to unlock creativity that empowers our users to create the most amazing experiences. The creation of our Metaverse Solutions division and the launch of disguise Labs, are a key part of this strategy.”
Led by disguise chief experience officer, Alex Wills, the Metaverse Solutions division will be driven by the newly-formed exploration unit named disguise Labs that is led by disguise’s chief of staff, Abi Bowman.
First established in New Zealand by Sam Folkard, head of labs New Zealand, Labs will now expand - bringing together local partners in key locations such as Los Angeles, New York, South Korea, London and Montreal. disguise’s global head of labs, Lara Bowen will be leading Labs’ global expansion
“There is a huge amount of interest and investment in this space right now and, what is most exciting about launching this new division is that we offer a tangible solution to help brands and creators develop the next generation of experiences,” says disguise CXO and head of Metaverse Solutions Alex Wills.
The webinar, Opening the Gateway to the Metaverse, takes place on 15 June 2022 in the Metaverse via the Surreal Platform and featuring participants from Epic Games, Amazon AWS, and disguise.

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