Fanie Pieterse switches on to Audix Elite
Thursday, 19 September 2019
audixFanie Pieterse (centre) with DWR’s Duncan Riley and Jaco Beukes
South Africa - Fanie Pieterse of CPS Audio recently acquired an Audix Studio Elite set of microphones which he has used on a variety of events including Classics is Groot 2019, Rand Merchant Bank Sales Conference, FNB Starlight Pops Opera and Band for Bricks.
Already owning a D4 and ADX60, Fanie’s new Audix Studio Elite set, supplied by DWR Distribution, includes D6, i5, D2, D4, SCX1 and SCX25A models.
“I have used Audix Microphones for the better part of a decade now and have fallen head over heels,” explains Pieterse. “The D-series, in my opinion, is the most versatile and natural sounding microphone that I have ever used on a drum kit. The D6 is my staple kick drum microphone with its thunderous low end and punch that can’t be matched. The ADX60 has really impressed me over the past few months. The D2 and D4 have proven to be the most impressive and consistent microphones I have ever used to mic up toms. The noise rejection you get to the back and sides are fantastic and it delivers an amazing natural tone that I find unrivalled.”
When it comes to overheads, the SCX25A has become his ‘go-to’ microphone. “They had big shoes to fill as I was used to using a set of microphones regarded as the best overhead mics in the world. What sets the SCX25A apart is the incredible spatial characteristic it gives with amazing detail that I was not used to, even when using really high-end microphones. The i5 and SCX1 have proven a winner for me as a snare drum combo, especially for an extremely dynamic drummer playing varying styles. The i5 delivers an amazing punch and crack and the SCX1 captures every detail the drummer lays down on the skin.”
Pieterse was appointed as sound engineer at Bands for Bricks, an Afrikaans event hosted at Time Square in July. “Bands for Bricks was jam-packed with all the bands we grew up with in the early 2000s,” says Pieterse. “It was also the first show where I used Audix exclusively on the drum kit. It was fantastic.”
He concludes, “Long story short, Audix has changed the way I approach a drum mix. It's effortless to create a musical mix with punch, space and incredible detail. On top of this is a beautiful mic range.”
(Jim Evans)

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