Outline appoints chief technology officer
Thursday, 12 May 2022
Italy - Outline has extended its organisation with appointment of Daniele Tebaldi as CTO (chief technology officer). Daniele will liaise with the company's R&D team, sales and tech support crew and board of directors.
After embarking in the mid-80's on a successful career in Italy and Germany as a concert sound engineer with a keen ear for jazz, classical and contemporary music, 10 years later Daniele conceived and directed Live Sound Education, one of the earliest and longest-running audio courses in Italy, hosted by the City of Modena – while continuing to work as a freelance copywriter, publicist and translator for the pro audio industry. This landed him a key role in the incorporation of a (now well-known) German professional loudspeaker manufacturer's Italian subsidiary, which he subsequently directed for 25 years.
"In 1997 I attended Daniele's education program in Modena, on the advice of my late father Guido Noselli, founder and technical guru of Outline," says Outline's marketing and communication manager Michele Noselli. "Even 25 years later, I can still clearly see the reasons for which my father had vouched so strongly for Daniele's teaching in my education - back then he had indeed found common ground to his vision there."
"Outline is a stronghold of solid audio engineering, sparked by a degree of passion that is often lost in the big corporate world," says Daniele Tebaldi of his new appointment. "I've found a most talented crew in each of Outline's units and departments, members of which may have been with the Company for well over 30 years, but still fearlessly use change as a highly powerful tool for crafting new products.”

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