Argo 6 FX will launch on 5 September at PLASA Show
UK - Ayrton will officially launch its new IP65-rated Argo 6 fixtures at the PLASA Show (3-5 September, Olympia London) on 5 September 2023. Argo 6 FX will be exhibited on Stand C11 by Ayrton’s exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, alongside a wealth of other innovative LED products from the Ayrton portfolio.
For the first time in its history, Ayrton is launching a weather-sealed effects luminaire that offers as much creative potential indoors as outdoors. "Argo 6 presents a minimalist design incorporating features for total protection against harsh weather with easier internal access," the company says.
A new composite alloy, reduction in thickness of the parts, an optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance, and integration of low-density optical components, mean Ayrton has been able to reduce overall weight by 20%. Meanwhile, the placement of pan and tilt motors in the base and head of the luminaire avoids the constraint of weatherproofing the yoke arms. A new submersible ventilation system in a non-waterproof compartment allows for optimal cooling.
Available as Wash or FX versions, Argo 6 is equipped with 19 LEDs of 40W with RGB+W additive colour synthesis that can deliver a light output of 13,000 lumens. Its 280mm front window is designed to ensure optimal visuals. Argo 6 can obtain a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°.
Argo 6 FX is a versatile fully-equipped luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features of the Wash version and offers continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement I.R.S.TM. Argo 6 FX is equipped with a high-definition liquid effect system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb that can generate complex graphic effects LiquidEffect.
For the first time, Ayrton has provided individual control of the LEDs on the Argo 6 Wash version and added a virtually infinite library of effects. Argo 6 Wash is a precise machine that can obtain perfect colour reproduction. A complete library of pre-programmed colours allows quick creation of subtle, dense and contrasting swaths of light. Its black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources help to significantly boost the level of contrast.
Argo 6 Wash and Argo 6 FX can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix. By allowing for more precision and exactness, they add a breath of creativity. Part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources IP65 6 Series, Argo 6 allows the rediscovery of a new sense of pure freedom.
Ayrton is also excited to preview Rivale Profile, a lighter, versatile fixture weighing only 28kg which has been designed to push limits and is Ayrton’s most versatile luminaire to date.
Equipped with a 160mm frontal lens and a brand new 450W high-efficiency LED module, calibrated at 6500K with a luminous flux of 27,500 lumens, Rivale Profile can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4° outputting in excess of 105k lux at 5m - close to that of Ayrton’s famous "LT" versions – with a 13:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 4° to 52°.
A brand new high-definition progressive CMY colour mixing system allows a perfect reproduction of pastel colours. A variable Minus Green channel and a carefully designed CTO channel optimises control, making it the perfect key light. A seven-position colour wheel completes the palette of tools dedicated to creating colour. Coupled with the brand new LED module, developed with a white point right on the black body curve, Rivale Profile is the most advanced subtractive colour mixing profile available.
Rivale Profile is factory equipped with a wheel of seven rotating gobos, a wheel of eight fixed gobos, a framing section that allows the precise positioning of each shutter blade on 100% of the surface with a rotation of +/- 90°, an iris diaphragm, a monochromatic effect wheel, two combinable rotating prisms and two frost filters.
By utilising innovative materials and state-of-the-art technology, Ayrton has minimised this fixture’s weight to enable it to accomplishing exceptional feats and deliver outstanding performance. "Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors - in all conditions - Rivale Profile, has a unique visual signature that foreshadows the style of Ayrton’s future line and secures the Ayrton name as a ‘no-compromise’ brand," the company says. "Part of Ayrton’s Classical IP65 3 Series, and complete with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement, Rivale Profile is a unique projector, unparalleled on the market, that successfully boasts performance, creativity, subtlety and power."
Other Ayrton products on show will include the compact effects fixture Zonda 9, the laser-sourced Cobra, the IP65-rated Domino, as well as the multi-function Eurus profile, the ultra-compact Diablo and the diverse Huracán Wash, and more.
Continuing its support of the Women in Lighting project, Ayrton and its exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere, will be supporting a PLASA networking event for the second year running. Invitations are extended to all women working in lighting and their supporters to meet for drinks and networking on the PLASA Show bar at 3.30pm on Monday 4th September.

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