Sennheiser Group returns to NAB
Friday, 1 April 2022
avxinuseAVX in action
USA - Sennheiser, Neumann and Dear Reality will show a broad spectrum of products at this month’s NAB show in Las vegas. Mark Posgay, senior vice president sales, professional audio, Americas, comments: “We’re excited to be back on the NAB show floor and see our customers face to face. We will have great solutions for pristine audio capture, reliable monitoring and best-in-class immersive mixing waiting for them.”
The Sennheiser Group booth features an experience zone that will present a complete Dolby Atmos mixing workflow complemented by products from Dear Reality and Neumann. Visitors can immersively mix and monitor Atmos ‘on the go’ using Dear Reality’s dearVR Spatal Connect, dearVR Monitor, dearVR Pro and a pair of studio headphones. As the zone is also fitted with a 5.1.4 AES67-based Neumann monitoring system, visitors will be able to listen to a benchmark reproduction of the mix results. Additional demonstrations will be presented every hour, showing how broadcast engineers can work in remote, on the go setups with Dear Reality’s software tools or in a fully-fledged studio environment with Neumann monitors.
Sennheiser will products ranging from premium shotgun microphones like the MKH 8060 and MKH 416 to wireless tools like the EK 6042 camera receiver, which works seamlessly with Sennheiser’s digital and analogue wireless microphones.
NAB will also feature RF wireless solutions for major broadcast events and shows, such as Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 wireless microphone series and 2000 IEM series.
For ENG professionals and creators, Sennheiser will be bringing both its analogue evolution wireless G4 camera system and the popular digital counterpart, the AVX, to NAB. For creators and mobile journalists who work with their DSLR camera or mobile phone, the MKE 200, MKE 400, MKE 600, XSW-D Portable Lav Mobile Kit and XS Lav Mobile Kit are featured.
Sennheiser will also present the full MKH studio microphone line, monitoring headphones and broadcast headsets as well as Evolution Wireless Digital, a wireless microphone system that is as easy to use as an app.
As part of the experience zone, Neumann will show upcoming studio monitors with optional AES 67 interface in an exclusive sneak preview for NAB visitors.
The new Neumann Miniature Clip Microphone System is also making its NAB debut. Taking electret technology to a new level, this microphone can be combined with nine clever mounting solutions for close-miking instruments.
Dear Reality will present plug-ins and application software for professional mixing studios and remote productions.

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