Smarty Hybrid celebration at Dove Awards
Monday, 2 December 2019
dove-awards-20192The GMA Dove Awards celebrate the event’s 50th anniversary
USA - Mark Carver, lead designer at Nashville-based Carver Lighting Design, turned to Elation’s compact Smarty Hybrid moving head to help the GMA Dove Awards celebrate their 50th anniversary. Presented by the Gospel Music Association and aired exclusively on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the Dove Awards have honoured excellence in Christian and Gospel Music since 1969.
The 50th anniversary show was held 15 October at Nashville's Lipscomb University. With multiple awards to hand out and 20 performances to light across both a main and satellite stage, Carver says diversity in looks was essential. “The Smarty Hybrids were definitely the main workhorse fixture on the show,” states Carver, who has lit the awards show for the last few years. “This isn’t the type of show where we had a lot of different fixtures to choose from so we really relied on the Smarty’s to get as many different types of looks as we could.”
Distributed across multiple levels on what the designer calls eye-candy trusses, 64 of the CMY colour-mixing Smarty fixtures were sprinkled throughout the set, intertwined with set piece ladders and also used as an audience surround. “They worked great as my eye-candy beam gobo fixtures in the camera shot,” he said. Mostly used for beam and gobo looks, the designer also turned to the multi-functional moving heads for colour accents.
One of the designer’s favourite looks was a narrow beam look that transitioned from amber to teal green, with another favourite a gobo look for artist Riley Clemmons in peach and magenta. “I was really impressed with the colours. I thought the mixing was good and the camera reproduced them very well in the right colour spectrum for television.”
Bandit Lites supplied lighting for the show. “Bandit is great,” he says. “The rig always comes in well prepped and they have great techs to represent the company. The Dove Awards is a pretty tight schedule but we were 100% so they did great work in a short period of time. The show was a success all around and we were honoured to be a part of such a great night.”
(Jim Evans)

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