Tony Griffiths joins Adlib
Wednesday, 1 February 2017
adlib-tony-griffithsAs head of special projects, Tony Griffiths will be based at Adlib’s Liverpool HQ
UK - Adlib has appointed Tony Griffiths as head of special projects. Tony is a popular and well known industry figure with extensive knowledge in the field of theatrical mechanical engineering.
He brings a focus on this specific area, plus a diverse knowledge in acoustic treatments and solutions with the additional experience in unique fabrics for performance, production and installations to the Liverpool based company. All further enhancing the dynamics and portfolio of this busy sector of Adlib’s business.
“Tony is a perfect complement to the team,” says Adlib director John Hughes, “bringing expertise, experience and an impressive array of contacts in these multiple dedicated fields which will sit in parallel with the audio, lighting and visual elements of our work”.
He adds that Tony, as a universally well-liked and respected individual, has “the right personality and sense of humour” to flourish in the dynamic Adlib environment.
With an industry career dating back 27 years, Tony has worked with some well-known names in the UK, including AS Green, Harkness Hall (now Harkness Screens and Hall Stage), PCM and most recently fabric specialist J&C Joel where he was a director for eight of his 12 years there.
His range of experience encompasses the hardcore engineering technologies like counterweights, pilewind winches, stage revolves, orchestra lifts, power flying, safety curtains, electric chain hoists, trussing, structural factors, together with the nuances of acoustic drapes, banners, projection screens and curtain tracking systems.
He will be based at Adlib’s HQ with a scope of work that will include expanding the potential for business in all these specialist areas reflecting a steady growth in installations and technical consultancy market.
“Adlib has worked hard on developing a truly collaborative atmosphere where all feel included and valued,” he comments, “each person understands their role, how it relates to their colleagues and the project in hand, and each supports one another collectively to ensure that the client receives the best possible service and standards of excellence.”
(Jim Evans)

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