The 500 CS5 LED tiles were fashioned into five screens in the set
USA - It is television's biggest night, and Pete's Big TVs was there for the first time to support The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Show with host Seth Meyers.

The high profile event, held annually by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, was broadcast live on NBC 25 August from the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

"The televised event required the high resolution video equipment that we specialize in," said Pete's Big TVs vice president Guy Benjamin.

Pete's Big TVs provided nearly 500 of the CS5 5mm LED tiles, two Barco HD-W26 projectors (double-stacked at the FOH) and their crew to fulfill the set requirements from production designer Keith Raywood.

The 500 CS5 LED tiles were fashioned into five screens in the set. Two tracking screens mid-stage at stage left and stage right measured 13 tiles high by seven tiles wide. Two "tower" screens at the proscenium were each nine tiles wide by 15 tiles high. The fifth screen was a small curved screen on a circular, elevated set piece, using 32 tiles at eight wide by four high.

The screens made up a major part of the set, displaying video clips from the nominated TV shows, names of nominees and award categories, and close-ups through I-mag of the action onstage and in the audience.

(Jim Evans)

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