The MSD Platinum 14 R provides extreme brightness of 12,000 lumens at 280W
USA - Royal Philips Electronics chose LDI in Las Vegas to launch the new compact lamp systems MSD Platinum 14 R and 17 RA. With today's growing trend of integrating LED walls in stage lighting design, a new generation of lamps with more powerful beams is required to cut through the sea of homogenous light they provide - and add additional accents to the show, says the company. This is exactly what the new Platinum lamp systems from Philips are designed to do. The new lamp system MSD Platinum 14 R provides extreme brightness of 12,000 lumens at 280W with a colour rendering of 80. The lamp is successfully designed-in in the X3-Coupe from Jolly.

Also, the new compact and lightweight MSD Platinum 17 RA lamps offer exceptional brightness with a light output of more than 20,000 lumens at 350W, plus cool white light (7000 K) and a high colour rendering of 85. This makes them suitable for use in follow-spots or beam fixtures at any type of event. These lamps are now successfully designed-in in the Platinum SBX from Elation and the Mega Beam G10B from Terbly.

Philips also reports that its MSR Gold 1000W MiniFastFit lamp has been approved by Martin to be used in the MAC Viper Profile. The lifetime of these lamps has been extended from 750 to 900 hours thanks to the P3 technology, which makes these lamps more robust: pinch protection technology, the gold coating, and the ELSAM electrode.

(Jim Evans)

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