Phoenix creative agency relies on Brompton
Wednesday, 30 November 2022
kelvinBrompton’s LED processor technology enables the team to high quality visuals
USA - Artists and technologists at Phoenix-based creative agency 3500 Kelvin help elevate film production and live and virtual event experiences with compelling, immersive content for LED display. The company operates Arizona’s largest virtual production LED volume, with more than 15,000sq.ft of capture space. Its talents have been tapped by diverse industries including film, music, corporate, concert touring, and experiential marketing. Behind the scenes, Brompton’s LED processor technology enables the team to showcase the highest quality visuals possible.
“Companies are realising that stage presentation backgrounds can be so much more than a simple logo. Instead, they can offer an immersive experience, and when it comes to LED panel processing, Brompton is the litmus test. Everyone tries to achieve what Brompton can do. It’s a rock-solid product that never crashes or has problems, and provides supreme quality,” noted Walter Schulz, partner and VFX supervisor / virtual stage supervisor at 3500 Kelvin.
Founded in early 2020 in partnership with live event company Murray Scott Production Services (MSPS), 3500 Kelvin began as a creative outlet to explore virtual production with LED panels and work in the emerging space. The companies remain linked and share equipment, with MSPS focused on live event touring, such as concerts and corporate events, and 3500 Kelvin on virtual production and content development.
“Because we’re heavily involved in live events, we often have to supplement our own tiles and equipment to accommodate events at scale. Using Brompton’s technology, we can quickly calibrate and remap tiles from multiple batches, which is huge. I don’t know another processor that does it nearly as well or as fast, and you can calibrate each tile individually,” said 3500 Kelvin founder Mac Jeffries. “We also like that you can physically see markers on the LED wall itself with Frame Remapping, and how seamlessly Brompton works with our other solutions, like Mo-sys motion tracking and ROE LED panels.”
Along with Brompton’s Tessera SX40 4K processors and an XD Data Distribution Unit, the 3500 Kelvin team uses Tessera processing software, and recently upgraded to version 3.4 with the new Extended Bit Depth feature.

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