PL+S 2018: Cadac celebrates with new consoles
Tuesday, 10 April 2018
cadac-cdcCadac is exhibiting its full range of CDC consoles, including the two new models
Germany - This year, Cadac celebrates its 50th anniversary with the launch of the latest model in its CDC digital console series. CDC five, the smallest, most affordable of the touch-screen CDC series, offers a compact mix solution for small-to-medium sized production companies, freelance mix engineers and fixed installations
A second new console, the CDC seven-s, is also being launched. The CDC seven-s is Cadac’s new flagship CDC console and replaces both the current CDC seven and the inaugural CDC eight. A significant upgrade to the CDC seven, CDC seven-s offers 128 inputs and 64 busses of which 56 are assignable (62 in Monitor Mode) and a number of additional hardware buttons, aimed at speeding up navigation.
With the launch of the CDC five, comes Version 5 CDC Console Software, which features an improved Graphical User Interface with a completely redesigned console control screen. The GUI has evolved for the CDC five, to include a swipe down feature on its sole 23.5” touch screen which brings up the control screen functions located on the separate 6.5” control screen of its larger siblings. Version 5 CDC Console Software also boasts a number of new features including Cue Ripple and Cue Preview and performance enhancements that will feature across the entire CDC range.
Cadac marketing manager James Godbehear says, “CDC five is designed to appeal to a much wider customer base - the sub £10,000 console market. With all of the features, performance capabilities and familiar form factor of the CDC six and CDC seven plus a number of design enhancements it will appeal to multi-purpose entertainment production and house of worship applications; as well as to the touring, installation and event markets.”
On its booth at Prolight+Sound, Cadac is exhibiting its full range of CDC consoles, including the two new models running on the low latency (sub 0.4 milliseconds) CDC MegaCOMMS network; which also incorporates several new network devices and software developments.
(Jim Evans)

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