Visit uTRAC at PLASA on stand K03 where the team will be giving tutorials on how the software can best be utilised for your business
UK - At PLASA London, uTRAC has revealed its top five feature developments to facilitate more efficient organising and tracking of labour for events

With the launch of uTRAC v2.0, the team has bolstered its drive to become the go-to workforce management application for events. The significantly re-designed interface has been tailored to improve the user experience and make its mobile app more touch friendly for people wanting to do their scheduling on the go with their tablets.

The new notification centre showing outstanding tasks includes notifications for unpaid invoices, unfilled shifts, and overdue payments among many other updates that will help all team members stay on top of their tasks.

The certificate management feature means workers will be able to record details of their relevant qualifications. An expiry date linked with uTRAC's notification centre allows both workforces and admin teams to stay on top of keeping all certs up to date and facilitating better compliance.

The automated scheduling feature is an improvement to uTRAC's job board, where vacant shifts can be posted for crew to view and apply to work vacant shifts. When a shift is posted to the job board, crew members will receive an automatic notification that there is a new posting, streamlining communications to crew and filling multiple vacancies quicker. Schedulers of crew will be able to either post the shift to an individual person's job board, or select criteria of who they want to work the shift. This means that only the best suited team will be notified of the new vacancy.

The new GPS time and attendance tracker shows who is on-site quickly and efficiently. Once a crew member has reached a venue, they can log that they've arrived via the uTRAC mobile app. They will only be able to do this once they've arrived at the correct location and each time they log in and out, giving management teams a live view of who is on site.

uTRAC is currently exhibiting at PLASA 2014 - 5-8 October, ExCeL London on stand K03

(Jim Evans)

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