PLASA recently hosted its AGM, complete with Christmas drinks and canapes, at the Victory Services Club in London on Wednesday 30 November, bringing members together from across the industry for a festive get-together.
Official proceedings began with PLASA Chair Adam Blaxill giving an overview of the association’s recent achievements and future plans, followed by Treasurer Mark Surtees for a recap of the figures detailed in the latest annual report.
The event continued to be lively and productive, with keynote talks from Richard Parry from the Department for International Trade, Lewis Keller from the CBI, and renowned behavioural economist Roger Martin-Fagg.
Parry gave recent examples of what the DIT has been doing to support the live sector, including the ongoing partnership between PLASA and LDI trade show in Las Vegas. He also urged people to get in touch before his retirement next year, so that he can help implement future initiatives.
Lewis Keller gave a comprehensive presentation, explaining how the CBI is working closely with both parties of the UK Government to promote growth and stability. He also addressed the ongoing complexities of Brexit and answered several questions from the audience.
Roger Martin-Fagg then delivered a full keynote talk, diving deep into his economic forecast for the year ahead, and how he made his calculations – from global inflation and money supply to the unique challenges facing the UK in recent years. He also unpacked issues regarding the housing market and employment.
Looking forward to 2023, PLASA plans to host many more member get-togethers, including member business forums to facilitate the sharing of ideas. These events will be announced on the PLASA website over the coming months.
Peter Heath, PLASA’s Managing Director says: “We were delighted to welcome so many of our members to our AGM this year. I hope that everyone found the event productive and enjoyable, and gained valuable insights to help their business grow throughout 2023. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2023, at one of our events, be that a member forum or one of our trade shows.”

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