UK - PLASA is delighted to announce the launch of the UK Trainee Rigger Scheme.

PLASA have developed a way in which those who wish to pursue a career in rigging can identify and record the necessary training and experience. They will also be able to demonstrate their commitment to rigging to potential employers.

The scheme will provide a way of logging experience against specific rigging tasks, building a picture of the trainee's practical rigging development and training undertaken. Over time they will be able to track their development and readiness to register for competence-based assessment at Level 2 of the National Rigging Certificate.

Training providers and trainees will have access to a syllabus of learning and the National Rigging Certificate Handbook. Each trainee will have attended a health and safety course recognised by the National Rigging Advisory Group as designed for the industry prior to registration. All trainees will hold a Trainee Rigger ID card which identifies them to potential employers as someone who is serious about a career in rigging and is committed to developing their knowledge and skills.

"The Trainee Rigger Scheme will encourage those who think a career in rigging is for them to take the first steps in gaining relevant training and experience. UK Rigging fully endorses this scheme and will look at supporting those with Trainee Rigger Cards," says Harry Box, UK Rigging.

Companies and organisations who have sponsored the scheme are: Barclaycard Arena, BBC, Blackout, Crewsaders, Hawthorn, National Arenas Association, Outback Rigging, Eric Porter, PRG, Prolyte UK, PTG Productions, Star Events Group and Unusual Rigging.

Registration is available here:

(Jim Evans)

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