PRO8L3M returned to the stage at the COS Torwar in Warsaw
Poland - As hip-hop group PRO8L3M returned to the stage last December, the Prolights Astra Wash7PixIP and Astra Wash19Pix made their arena debut at the COS Torwar in Warsaw.
The production was supervised by lighting studio Źle i Tanio, who usually deal with highly complex productions. The project included fixtures including the Sunblast 3000FC, the Astra Wash19Pix and Astra Wash7PixIP.
“We knew these were solid fixtures,” explains the team from ŹiT, adding: “We used the 19Pix as the main wash on stage, sometimes using it also as a beam thanks to its large zoom range and high output. We also used the pixel ring as a standalone effect during some blackouts.”
The 7PixIP fixtures were placed on each side of the stage to create beam and colour effects. “We were surprised by their performance as well as the speed of movement,” says ŹiT. “It is a relatively small device with a powerful output and stunning effects. We can honestly admit that they did the job very well.”
The Sunblast 3000FCs were used as a colourful floodlight and strobe. “We must say that both Astra Washes have great colours and an amazing output. This was a great show, and we couldn't be happier to have used Prolights' fixtures,” explains ŹiT.

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