Pop Idol for poets in Abu Dhabi
Tuesday, 1 July 2008
Pop Idol for poets in Abu Dhabi
UAE - The TV show Millions Poet is billed as a 'Pop Idol for poets' where the winner walks away with one million UAE Dirhams (about 180,000 Euro). The show held at the 2.000 seat Al Raha Theatre in Abu Dhabi began in 2006 and has been such a phenomenal success it starts the fourth season in 2008; the last series peaked at 26 million viewers across the Arab region.

Lighting designer Paul Nancollas used one grandMA full-size, one grandMA light and five MA NSPs. "The grandMA is the only desk capable of controlling something so complex, the choice was obvious," he says.

The show also used two grandMA video servers and was visualised via grandMA 3D. The design integrated over 2500 LED strips of various types from German manufacturer Schnick-Schnack-Systems. "I had used the B25 and B12 strips in previous shows to great effect so I was very excited when the C25 arrived.

"The set has to be both dramatic and 'rock and roll', to emphasise the competitive element, and then subtle, so as to not overpower what is essentially someone sitting down to tell a story," says Nancollas. "Because the LED strips are so small it is very easy to integrate them into a set design successfully and because they are so inexpensive my budget goes a long way."

The strips and the other LED elements including 32 Schnick-Schnack-Systems LED-Paneel C100 are controlled via Art-Net from the grandMA.

The desks came from Entec Sound and Light in the UK and the LEDs were purchased through MA Lighting Middle East / India in Dubai, which also provides regional support.

(Jim Evans)

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