Mover is designed to reproduce sound through haptic perception
USA - Powersoft has confirmed its first-time attendance at IAAPA Expo, the largest trade show for the attractions industry, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, from 14-18 November 2022.
At booth #465, the Powersoft team will be showcasing Mover, the company’s low-frequency direct-drive/tactile transducer, which is designed to reproduce sound through haptic perception, or the body’s capability to feel low-end frequencies through bone conduction. More accurate, powerful and efficient than other existing products, Mover can be used in moving floors, seats and rides to transfer both audible and inaudible frequencies to the human body – its earth-shaking vibrations adding another dimension to theme and amusement park rides, museum exhibitions, science centres, clubs, and other attractions where an immersive user experience is desired.
Powersoft Mover enables AV professionals who provide solutions for immersive experiences to add ultra-low frequency haptic feedback to their final products.
Its compact nature and power-to-size prowess allow it to be integrated into small spaces, without orientation limits, and to provide a very high ratio between moving mass and total mass, which increases the overall final product efficiency.
Marc Kocks, key account and business development consultant for Powersoft, comments, “Mover allows for an unprecedented and immersive user experience. It can give the audience the sensation of falling, elevation, or being shaken as part of an attraction.”
This technology is already being used to maximum effect at both Illuminarium venues in Atlanta and Las Vegas, where a multi-award-nominated 162-Mover installation is allowing thousands of visitors to experience the ground-shaking tremor of an elephant‘s stomp or the low-end rumble of a space rocket launch. In addition to creating highly accurate reproduction in the low-frequency range, Mover’s ability to provide localised haptic feedback across dedicated zones is a key feature of the Illuminarium experience, particularly when synchronised with audio.
Mover is also at the heart of Amsterdam’s Our House museum and nightclub, where an infrasound haptic floor system is letting visitors and clubbers physically feel the music around them.
“As a first-time exhibitor at IAAPA Orlando, we want to reach out to all stakeholders in the themed attractions market and raise awareness of Powersoft’s technologies and solutions,” continues Kocks. “As the only way to feel AV, Mover opens up a whole world of possibilities for attractions to grow their footfall and revenue with entirely new experiences for their audiences.”

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