Edgar Alvarez, Manuel Suero, Fabrizio Romano Bolzoni and Sara Schiffler
Mexico - Powersoft has announced NTX Distribution as its new distributor and service centre for Mexico.
NTX Distribution was established in 2013 with a mission to distribute top-quality brands within the custom electronics industry, with a focus on innovating with the products it distributes to offer an effective solution to be a reliable company to its customers. Providing a range of audio and video products, NTX Distribution has been working with many audio brands with international prestige, such as Lightware, 1 Sound, Renkus-Heinz, M&K, Martin Audio and Optimal Audio.
“We are very proud to be Powersoft’s representatives in Mexico. Powersoft is a great complement to our existing brands, providing complete AV solutions to our integrators for a wide array of applications,” says Edgar Alvarez, manager, and spokesperson for NTX Distribution.
The new distributor will focus on providing high-quality solutions in various areas, ranging from small residential installations to large-scale projects such as hotels and shopping centres, as well as expanding Powersoft’s presence in booming markets such as touring, government, education, commercial and hospitality.
“Today’s technology landscape demands seamless connectivity and control, which is exactly what Powersoft offers. Its advanced technology enables us to provide reliable audio solutions that meet the connectivity needs of the market. With Powersoft, we can offer a solution that is not only built to last but also delivers exceptional quality to meet the demands of our customers,” states Alvarez.
NTX Distribution will continue to build Powersoft’s brand recognition in Mexico and offer its technology and quality as the go-to solution.
“We are confident that Powersoft’s exceptional products will make a noticeable impact in every project,” concludes Alvarez. “NTX Distribution is thrilled to collaborate with Powersoft, a brand known for its prestigious reputation and quality in the audio industry.”

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