The XLED 3007 begins shipping in mid-January, 2015
China - PR Lighting has extended its XLED series with the release of the XLED 3007. Containing seven LEDs (4 in 1 RGBW), each rated at 20W, this is a larger version of the XLED 2007 and features a 6:1 zoom - one of many similar functions it shares with the company's successful XLED 3019. And crucially, each LED is individually controllable.

Aside from its impressive zoom ratio (7°-42°), the fixture has endless pan and tilt rotation. In other words it will pan 720°, 360° or endlessly, and tilt 270° (or endlessly), with Swap and Invert function, auto position correction and magnet positioning function.

Other notable features of the XLED 3007 are the fact that it will operate to sound (sound to light), has optional wireless control, features touch keys on the panel and over-temperature protection.

The XLED 3007 contains all the functions that one would expect, including 0-100% linearly adjustable dimmer; RGBW linear colour mixing (with macro); linear colour temperature correction (2700K-10000K); electronic strobe (0-25 fps); beam angle of 1/2 (max) and field angle 1/10 (max). Other useful options include DMX wireless control support.

Housed in a high temperature engineered IP20 plastic chassis, the fixture weighs 5.7kg.

(Jim Evans)

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