The XRLED 700 operates under standard DMX512 control, with wireless DMX also available
China - PR Lighting has made an addition to its expanding XRLED series, with the announcement of the XRLED 700 Spot. This is due for shipment this month.

The fixture boasts a number of attributes, embracing all the features you would expect from a moving head spot but with a particularly impressive white light.

It has also been engineered to produce an even beam spread - and also a powerful one, as the output generated from the 320W white LED module equates to more than 700W from a conventional discharge lamp.

Other design criteria that the XRLED 700 Spot meets include light weight (just 24kg), compact and quiet operation. Low power consumption and low heat dissipation are further advantages, as you would expect from an LED source.

Specifiers will also notice that this fixture is fully featured, with a colour wheel incorporating six colours (plus white); fixed and rotating gobo wheels (each with seven interchangeable gobos plus white); a 1 x 3-facet prism; frost filter; iris (5%-100% linearly adjustable, with macro); 1-100% linearly adjustable dimming; electronic strobe (variable 0.3-20 fps, with pulse strobe effect); linear focus; 12°-36° linear zoom; 540° (pan), 270° (tilt) head movement, with auto position correction.

(Jim Evans)

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