PR Lighting's Bruce Tian and the Asia Music team
Russia - PR Lighting recently returned from a highly successful product showcase in Moscow at Prolight+Sound NAMM Russia, where the company partnered with territorial distributor Asia Music.

PR Lighting sales manager for the region, Bruce Tian, reports that as this is the critical show for the local market he was delighted that the booth was positioned close to the main entrance and in the same hall as all the major lighting companies.

Asia Music showcased all the heavyweights from its new and expanding LED range, including XRLED 300 Spot, XRLED 500 Spot, XR 330 Spot, XLED 1037 and XLED 1061 - which were mounted on plinths, and displayed for the first time in Russia. This enabled visitors to get 'hands on' and try them out at first hand.

A quantity of XR 200 Beams were also installed overhead to illuminate the booth.

As the only brand that Asia Music was representing the company was able to present a dedicated showcase, and over the three days the stand was seldom less than crowded.

Aleksey Kachin, technical director of Asia Music, confirmed that interest had been particularly high in the XLED 1037 "for its compact form factor and flexibility", XLED 1061 "for its animation effects and rich pure colours" and XR 330 Spot "for its stunning brightness and wide zoom range between 3.8 and 42 degree."

(Jim Evans)

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