Beyoncé live in Trinidad
Trinidad - When Beyoncé performed a spectacular concert in Trinidad recently, her lighting team, headed by LD, Pat Brannon, used over 60 truss-mounted moving heads from PR Lighting to dominate the lavish stage production.

Attended by around 40,000 people, the concert featured a total of 30 x XL 1200 Spot, 12 x Pilot 1200 Wash, 10 x Pilot 575 Wash and 10 x Pilot 575 Spot.

Programmed into the grand MA lighting desk by Brannon, the moving heads were supplied by PR Lighting distributors, All Events Lighting Systems.

The event took place in the Queen's Park Savannah, in the island's capital of Port of Spain. Four truss rigs were set at various points from front to back of the stage in descending size (the front being the highest). Suspended from this were 12 Pilot 1200 Wash and six XL 1200 Spot lights, along with ten 8-light Molefays. The second rig included eight XL 1200 Spots while on the third rig were a further ten Pilot 575 Washes and six XL 1200 Spots.

The final rig being the smallest consisted of six XL 1200 Spots and six Pilot 575 Spots. Four XL 1200 Spots were placed two each on either side of the stage front with four Pilot 575 Spots placed in similar fashion.

All Events Lighting Systems owner, Shival Maharaj, explained that the location was the biggest park of its kind in Trinidad. "Queen's Park Savannah is not designed for shows but was transformed for this event into the largest production ever to hit the shores of Trinidad and many Caribbean Islands."

And as a result, he said, the lightshow was the most spectacular that Trinidad had ever seen. "The colours were rich and bright and the patterns clear and impressive. The distance that the XL fixtures were able to cover was unbelievable ... these fixtures needed to be good to complement Beyoncé's performance, which was amazing."

This concert was held just two days after the annual Carnival celebrations that took place throughout the country, attracting not only locals but many foreign visitors.

(Jim Evans)

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