The show runs through until 5 January 2013 and the lighting system is operated by Phil Giddings and Mark Raggett
UK - Production Resource Group is continuing its relationship with producer Michael Rose Limited. MRL's general Manager, Dave McNeilly contacted PRG back in the summer of 2011 with regards to PRG providing them with a temporary flying system for the production of Aladdin at a purpose built theatre at the London Piazza in the O2 Arena. PRG supplied a custom Flying System, rigging and lighting for the production.

The theatre structure consists of a ground support tower supplied by Star Events and positioned over the stage with an arena tented structure forming the auditorium and connected to the ground support.

PRG designed and installed a 44 x bar Flying System into a Star Events ground support structure, this was managed by PRG's senior account manager, Jay Call. It was 20m high and designed to mimic a theatre fly tower. The system is almost entirely automated using both vari-speed and fixed speed hoists controlled via a Kinesys System. Some hoists rig directly to the truss grid over stage for the suspension of show lighting. The remainder are positioned in the rig on stage right and connect to 8mm Steel Wire Rope (SWR). The SWR is diverted via the sub stage to a clew plate from which either 4 or 6mm SWR runs out via diverts to suspend ladder beam bars. These are used for the suspension of set and dressing.

As well as the on-stage flying system and rigging, PRG also supplied six Front of House trusses for show lighting, house lights and rigging for the suspension of the PA. The job was conducted on a very tight schedule and the entire installation was completed in three days. PRG's Jon Bray created the original design, and Jay Call took over for the prep and installation as the senior account manager and HOD for the rigging and flying system. The flying automation system was programmed by Jonathan Wood. The rigging was project managed by PRG's Alex Horne.

For the lighting, PRG's account director, Peter Marshall worked with MRL's project co-ordinator, Nicky Wingfield and production manager, Phil McCandlish, to provide a lighting package which was designed by lighting designer, Alistair Grant, and programmed by Stuart Cross.

PRG worked closely with production electrician, Fraser Hall, providing and extensive automated and conventional stage lighting and FOH systems plus radio controlled lights for the flying carpet scene. A house lighting system was also supplied for the auditorium together with LED wash lights for the foyer and bar areas.

(Jim Evans)

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