Entourage Pro covers 140 professional freelance roles
UK - Entourage Pro is an initiative in production industry crew resources. This free-to-join global networking platform “bridges the gap between artists and the production world and is set to revolutionise how production personnel are sourced, accredited and availed to the wider production and music industries”. The scheme has the backing of industry names including Avolites, d&b audiotechnik, ChainMaster, MDG, Neutrik, Robe and Yamaha.
Entourage Pro draws on director Joel Perry’s 20 year-plus association with live music production, as well as its partnership with Showcase Music, which has 52 years of industry heritage to add to the platform’s offering.
“With the global events sector starting to re-emerge, we knew the time was right to launch a service that has real relevance for the live music industry,” says Perry. “It’s an idea that has been in the making for some time and it took considerable resources to define, but that’s because we wanted to make sure we got it absolutely right.”
Entourage Pro has to be as comprehensive as possible and relevant to the industry, both now and in the future,” adds fellow director, Showcase Music’s James Stanbridge. “We are in a critical window of opportunity, and we want this to be our way of helping the industry get back on its feet and bringing it closer together.”
Entourage Pro covers 140 professional freelance roles, from front of house engineer, backline tech, lighting designer and rigger to video content creator, LED technician and more. It has been designed to be a quick and easy resource for anyone putting together anything from a one-off show to a worldwide tour to be able to source verified personnel.
“The touring world is where d&b first made its mark. We are passionate about live music and helping to create special experiences for audiences around the world. It takes dedicated, hardworking individuals to deliver great live events and we are proud to support Entourage Pro’s efforts of creating a platform that will reconnect the industry, benefitting artists, production companies and crew alike,” says Michael Case, director of segment development and artist relations at d&b.
“The moment we were introduced to the concept of Entourage Pro, the team at Yamaha immediately recognised the opportunities that it could bring to both crew and production companies,” says Karl Christmas, European product manager at Yamaha Music Europe. “In supporting the development of this platform, Yamaha is confident that it will be a significant resource for our friends and colleagues in the industry as it gets back on its feet.”
“As a leading manufacturer of electric chain hoists, we are excited about the idea of creating a network in which the concentrated competence of the various areas within the entertainment industry can be shared and connected,” adds ChainMaster’s general manager, Benjamin Göldner. “We are delighted to be part of this project and are looking forward to interacting with everyone involved.”
“This is a rare opportunity to support an exciting new venture from two well-informed industry stalwarts, Joel Perry and James Stanbridge, and to benefit from their professional insight,” says Martin Michaud, president and CEO of MDG Fog Generators.
“Now more than ever in our 45-year history, our industry needs a central industry platform with global potential, inclusive community resources and a free to access marketplace for Live Crew to congregate and promote themselves,” notes Paul Wong, managing director of Avolites.
“This past couple of years has reinforced what we already knew; this industry is nothing without our people,” adds Josef Valchar, CEO, Robe. “You can have as much technology as you like - but without those to prep it, deliver it, implement it, program it and use it in so many creative ways, we are nowhere. We are proud to be supporting Entourage Pro and the platform it will provide for everyone to get involved and be recognised for what they bring to their profession.”
“Our industry is returning, and it will be stronger,” concludes Perry. “Entourage Pro is ready to help it get back to work and to look after the incredibly talented people who deserve to be back out there, doing what they do best. By promoting this talent in a way that’s right for them, we are turning the recent challenges into new opportunities.”

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