The roadshow featured the Proteus, Fuze, and KL series
South Africa - Elation Professional's exclusive sales partner in South Africa, The Production Warehouse, took to the road in mid-May to show first-hand to customers an array of its latest lighting products including luminaires from Elation’s popular Proteus, Fuze, and KL series.
While theatre, rental house and broadcast clients took the opportunity to demo products, the tour, which visited Johannesburg 15-16 May and Cape Town 18-19 May, was a chance for the AV distribution company to renew relationships post-pandemic.
Marnus Nieuwoudt, owner of The Production Warehouse, stated: “Being our first major roadshow post-Covid, the roadshow wasn't only about showcasing the latest technology Elation has to offer, it was more about reconnecting and networking with old friends and colleagues, while meeting some new customers along the way.”
Marnus says that, not surprisingly, the market-leading Proteus line of IP65 lights gained a lot of interest from customers, especially the Proteus Maximus, Proteus Lucius, Proteus Rayzor Blades and Proteus Rayzor series. “I believe this stems from how Elation has managed to evolve past the basic IP65 water resistance for temporary outdoor use, but rather to the point of Marine grade specification making it suitable for permanent outdoor installation. This is something that is especially useful in the harsh, unpredictable climates of the coastal South African towns.”
The KL series, including the range of KL Fresnels and softlights, was also a definite hit, Marnus noted, not only among rental and theatrical clientele but also gained a nod of approval from key players within the film industry.
International sales manager at Elation, Jonas Stenvinkel, was on hand to lend support at each stop, providing valuable product and market insight. He commented: “The roadshow was busy the entire week and our products were very well received. That is a real affirmation of Elation’s increased market presence in South Africa and the excellent work that The Production Warehouse are doing.”
The Production Warehouse has been Elation's exclusive sales partner in South Africa since 2015 and have grown the brand significantly. “It has been great to watch the Elation brand mature in South Africa, from being the new brand in the market to a strong respected industry player,” Marnus remarked. “Elation as a brand caters to the creative lighting designer with innovative ideas like SpectraColor and SparkLED, while still being an affordable choice for the rental house owners who have to consider return on investment. This is why Elation is gaining popularity within the South African market. The roadshow was definitely a success and we look forward to welcoming Elation back soon for the next one.”

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