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speaker-tunings-connect-series-lea-professionalLEA Professional adds Renkus-Heinz speaker tunings
Thursday, 20 January 2022

USA - LEA Professional has announced the immediate availability of Connect Series amplifier speaker tuning data for Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers. LEA Connect Series speaker tunings provide integrators with the DSP settings they need to optimize system performance for speakers that pair with LEA amplifiers.
“We work hard to make sure our products offer the best and easiest amplifier solutions available, and our support doesn't end after the install,” says Bradley Drummond, director of application engineering and consultant relations at LEA Professional. “Integrators and end-users alike need quick ways to customise their systems for optimum performance. Our Connect Series speaker tunings are a big part of that continued service, and we're delighted to bring this feature to Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers.”
The LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers use a Web UI to configure speaker tunings on a per-channel basis. This includes all DSP settings for each individual channel, such as input settings, Smart Power Bridge, HiZ and LowZ, Signal Generator settings, crossover settings, EQ settings, limiter information, and load monitoring settings. Once the DSP settings are complete, users can export the data as a speaker tuning file which can be saved and loaded onto any other channel or other Connect Series amplifiers.
“When it comes to industry-leading engineering, product performance and customer service, Renkus-Heinz and LEA Professional have a lot in common,” says Graham Hendry, vice-president of strategic developme

zybrid-edge1Zytronic debuts interactive video wall technology
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

UK - Touch technology specialist Zytronic has introduced the ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology, developed to "create stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables".
Designed to mirror the narrowest bezel video wall monitors, the glass sensors feature an ultra-narrow border (anywhere from 3mm to 0mm), creating a sleek appearance by using the maximum display area. The sensors can be innovatively linked when used with the associated all-new ZyBrid edge controller to enable seamless touch transition between screens, with potentially no gap whatsoever between adjacent active areas.
Typically, AV installers fix a huge protective glass over the entire interactive video wall. They then often use a clip-on infra-red or camera-based touch detection system around the outside of the tiled screens. This arrangement creates a large, unsightly, protruding bezel around the edge of the wall, even if interactivity is only required on some displays. Also, these touch detection technologies tend to be susceptible to false and accidental touches.
“The new Zytronic projected capacitive solution eradicates both these issues, enabling ultra-fast, accurate touchscreen responses and providing borders that match the latest near borderless LCDs,” says Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director, Zytronic. Each narrow-border ZyBrid edge sensor is supported by a dedicated ZYX500 based multitouch controller linked via a set of RJ45 data cables. The connected associate controllers then finally connect to a single, leading primary controller. The controllers are fitt

amberAmber Solutions Enabler available in kit form
Tuesday, 18 January 2022

USA - Amber Solutions has announced that its AC Direct DC Enabler is now available as a demo kit for technical evaluation by consumer, commercial and industrial electrical products manufacturers and semiconductor companies, such as Infineon Technologies, who have already announced an alliance around Amber.
This breakthrough Amber AC direct power system enables DC extraction directly from AC Mains without the use of transformers, rectifiers, or filtering. It eliminates many of the old-tech electromechanical components that are still standard today, enabling a dramatically smaller size footprint, while simultaneously delivering a much more dynamic, configurable power delivery capability. The result is an unprecedented opportunity for manufacturers and semiconductor companies to reinvent how electricity is leveraged, designed and feature-scoped in all electrical products, according to Amber Solutions Founder Thar Casey.
“Our success in integrating Amber’s patented technologies into next generation products will change how the world manages electricity and powers daily life,” Casey explains. “We are making our patented AC Direct DC Enabler available for testing by major global manufacturers and product designers who are eager to innovate and launch powerful new electrical devices and products based on our revolutionary architecture. Our efforts across a range of technology demo kits brings the vision of a new standard for silicon-based digital control of electricity a major step closer to market availability.”
The new AC Direct DC Enabler eval

audiofocusinstallationloudspeakersAudiofocus debuts installation loudspeakers
Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Belgium - Audiofocus has released a new range of installation loudspeakers. The Belgian manufacturer has developed dedicated installation versions of its point source, constant curvature, line array, subwoofer and stage monitor designs. As part of the development process, touring features such as grab handles and rigging systems have been removed or simplified to make the new variants cost-efficient without compromise to their audio performance, while aesthetic changes enable the speakers to blend discreetly into installed environments.
Both passive and bi-amplified options are offered for most of the new installation models.
“Audiofocus built its reputation for audio fidelity and high return on investment in the touring world, but we have always enjoyed strong relationships with integrators who wanted to carry those same benefits into their fixed installation projects,” explains managing director, Ann Leroy.
“There are no fewer than 19 new installation loudspeakers in the range, from the super-compact VENU 8ix point source cabinets right through to our powerful S 21i subwoofers. It has been a huge project for the team, but the result is a complete installation loudspeaker solution that is ready for deployment in clubs, theatres, stadiums, houses of worship and any other environment where audio performance and competitiveness take priority.”
Like all Audiofocus loudspeakers, the new installation models are built in Belgium using quality European components and are available for immediate shipment.

outlinewfirtechnology-whiteOutline’s WFIR technology receives patent
Monday, 17 January 2022

Italy - Developed entirely in-house by their engineering team, the design of Outline’s Warped Finite Impulse Response (WFIR) filters is now protected by a domestic patent and will soon enjoy the same status internationally. Italian Patent N. 102018000003311 has been awarded to this innovation. WFIR filters are one of the key features found in Outline’s Newton FPGA processor.
“WFIR filters offer fundamental technical improvements over traditional FIR filters in that they operate on a semi-logarithmic scale, similar to the nature of human hearing. This means that they are able to maintain high filtering resolution over the entire audio range, even in the case of increasingly high sampling frequencies,” says Outline.
“WFIR technology also allows the use of raised cosine filters which provide a greatly enhanced level of accuracy in equalization. They do require up to three times the computing power required for traditional FIR filters (not a problem with Newton’s onboard processing power), but in turn they provide up to 10 times the resolution on mid-low frequencies. They are also not subject to the latency artifacts suffered by FIR filters.”

pliant-crewcom-high-density-modePliant releases CrewCom update
Monday, 17 January 2022

USA - Pliant Technologies has announced the CrewCom v1.10 update. The latest CrewCom firmware and software update, version 1.10, adds two new major features as well as several enhancements to its list of capabilities.
Topping the list is the addition of a new High Density mode, which is a selectable mode of operation that allows user densities to increase by more than five-fold. When implemented, this new software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single Radio Transceiver (RT) while allowing any of the RPs to communicate using four available full-duplex talk paths. In addition, users will have the flexibility to simultaneously deploy “Normal” mode-enabled RPs and RTs along with High Density mode-enabled hardware, providing ultimate adaptability for application-specific setups.
“At Pliant, we pride ourselves on providing advanced communication products to the ever-changing needs of the industry, continuously updating our product offerings to provide cutting-edge communications solutions,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “By offering this new software and firmware update at no charge to our flagship wireless intercom system, all CrewCom users can now access an additional mode of operation and more features than ever before at no additional cost.”
Pliant has also made system setup easier with its new Auto Configuration function. A series of menus walk the user through the setup process by simply plugging in the needed hardware using standard Cat-5e/6 or fibre connections, tur

hotelVan Damme cable serves new London hotel
Thursday, 13 January 2022

UK - A well-known hotel group's first development in the UK has chosen VDC and Van Damme for optimising its AV/IT system. Situated in the heart London, the flagship construction will include a hotel in addition to 28 luxury apartments.
Due to welcome guests later this year, the new building has been designed by British-based architects and will replace the existing 1960s offices at the site. The hotel will cater for both hotel guests and local customers and in addition to guestrooms and spa, the hotel will have shops, bars, restaurants and a ballroom. A grand pedestrian entrance will be accessed from a colonnade linking to an internal ‘Palazzo-style’ courtyard.
Chosen for its sonic fidelity, over 30km of Van Damme cable was installed throughout the site to complement the Meyer Sound systems in each room and ensure that all audio, signal and data in the building was of the highest quality.
This included the Van Damme Ecoflex LSZH 2x2.5mm, 2x4mm and 4x2.5mm speaker cables, Van Damme Purple Series LSZH 2 pair and Van Damme Mini Quad cable for the high-tech AV smart controls in the hotel.
Herpreet Singh Kaur, export manager at VDC, comments: “This was a phenomenal project to be involved with. As the delivery was needed during lockdown, it needed to be to site at a specific time in a specific vehicle. However, because of the amount of stock we hold, we were able to dispatch the order quickly.”

rain-domeShowgear debuts Rain Domes for moving heads
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

The Netherlands - Showgear is introducing their Rain Domes for moving heads. The Rain Domes allow you to safely deploy your indoor fixture in wet conditions. Two platform sizes and three transparent sleeves are available to accommodate many different moving heads and fixtures.
The Showgear Rain Domes are designed to withstand ‘copious amounts of rain and keep your fixtures safe’. Two types of platforms and three types of sleeves, which are available separately, accommodate all but the biggest moving heads. The smaller 40-cm platform can be combined with a sleeve 40 cm in diameter and 52 cm high. For the bigger 60-cm platform there are two types of sleeves available: a cylindrical one with a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 62 cm, and a bulb-shaped one with a base diameter of 60 cm, a wider top, and a height of 85 cm.
A conveniently placed power inlet and multiple outlets provide an easy way to power your fixture underneath the sleeve. The Pro Power True input is daisy-chained to a Pro Power True output on the back, and Pro Power True, Schuko, and Pro Power outputs on top of the platform. A waterproof opening (flap) in the sleeves allows easy access to all cabling of your moving head, without the need to remove the whole sleeve. On the bottom four M12 threaded holes can be used to install spigots for mounting the platform on a truss totem.
The Rain Dome has a built-in pressure switch to prevent unwanted damage. The switch will automatically shut down all power when inside pressure diminishes. This can be temporarily overruled by an included bypa

5-starjustin-locksinguslasinskis5 Star launches customised packing crate range
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

UK - For the past 40 years, 5 Star Cases has been manufacturing flight cases that are already trusted by a vast range of industries, ensuring the safe transport of vital equipment around the world, even in the most challenging of environments, safely and securely.
Taking its four decades of experience and expertise, 5 Star is now producing a new range of custom-designed packing crates, which can be used as a cost-effective alternative when flight cases are not required, or as an added level of protection when they are.
Using the same advanced production techniques and extensive infrastructure at its dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens, 5 Star packing crates are constructed with strength and durability in mind. They can be used for storing and transporting products across different industries and applications, from AV, entertainment, engineering and motor racing to medical and catering equipment. In fact, with an optional foam lining for additional equipment protection, 5 Star’s packing crates can be used to transport almost anything, anywhere, says the manufacturer.
“As with our flight cases, our packing crates are custom-designed to the specific requirements of our customers’ products,” says 5 Star’s operations director, Ingus Lasinskis. “Like all our products, they’re designed and built quickly and efficiently, but if you want something off the shelf, we also have a range of standard sizes you can choose from.”
5 Star’s packing crates are constructed from high quality 18mm durable Orient

clfposeidonwashxldetail1CLF expands Poseidon series with Wash XL
Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Europe - CLF has expanded the Poseidon series, designed specifically for outdoor use, with a wash luminaire. The Wash XL joins the Hybrid and Beam and is in line with CLF Lighting's focus on IP65.
The Poseidon Wash XL is a powerful and versatile IP65 rated wash fixture, offering smooth projections, intense beams and eye-candy effects. Powered by 19 individually controllable RGBW LEDs, the fixture comes with a wide zoom, ranging from 4.5° to 60°. Protected against moisture and dirt, Poseidon Wash XL is suitable for most indoor or outdoor applications.
Some innovative features have been implemented to complement the existing wash characteristics. The rotatable front lens provides kaleidoscopic effects and an extra RGB LED ring can be used for stunning visual effects. All LEDs can be controlled manually, but the on-board macro engine can also be used to create complex effects easily. Use the beam mode for razor-sharp, pixelated beam effects.
The elegantly shaped housing is equipped with special motors that enable fast and precise pan and tilt movements. Additionally, the sophisticated body eliminates dust in the optical path and is easy to service. A bright LCD display provides easy access to on-board settings, even in sunny environments.

ahs4Fulcrum hosts AHS Series webinar
Monday, 10 January 2022

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic will host a webinar led by company president Stephen Siegel and product developer Rich Frembes on Fulcrum's new AHS Series of steerable large format array modules.
The webinar will take place on YouTube Live on Wednesday, 12 January at 10:00 AM EST/15:00 UTC and will be available on Fulcrum Acoustic's YouTube channel afterwards. Siegel and Frembes will be discussing the attributes, technologies, and applications of the AHS Series.
The AHS Series is a modular, scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. Fulcrum Acoustic's TQ Processing combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue's specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple HF horns combine coherently to provide the output necessary to combat HF air loss which can be substantial in stadium-scale applications. AHS modules are designed to be stacked as needed to increase projection and control.
Those who are able to tune in live will be able to ask questions and engage in discussion around the AHS Series.

neumann-miniature-clip-mic-systemNeumann debuts close miking system
Friday, 7 January 2022

Europe - Neumann.Berlin has announced their first product range designed especially for close miking instruments. To create their new Miniature Clip Mic System, the engineers in Berlin ‘elevated electret technology and its production process to a whole new level’.
The new KK 14 capsule system’s modular construction has been designed to ensure stability and long service life for live and stage performances. The system includes nine mounting solutions that make it possible to find the optimum positioning for acoustics while simultaneously protecting the instrument. The Miniature Clip Mic System will be available in spring 2022. The system can already be pre-ordered by dealers and major clients.
Portfolio manager Stephan Mauer says, “We had been dissatisfied with the sound delivered by electret solutions for quite some time. Technicians and artists alike want greater substance, higher precision for low and medium frequencies and more openness. At the same time, we wanted to finally be able to create electret microphones that offered constant performance, so that sound engineers would not have to continuously deal with production tolerances impacting sound level and frequency response.”
Neumann’s developers spent six years researching the capsules and the production processes that would be necessary to make this a reality. Mauer: “All that work paid off. This capsule is unlike anything that came before.” With minimised self-noise and a high maximum sound level of 152 dB, the KK 14 delivers results for both very quiet and very loud instr

df4Fulcrum releases high-frequency horn
Friday, 17 December 2021

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has released the DF4 Dual High-Frequency Horn, a spot-fill loudspeaker aimed at supplemental high frequency coverage for areas shaded by obstructions.
The dual four-inch diaphragm high-frequency compression drivers are capable of delivering very high output for long-throw applications. Fulcrum Acoustic's proprietary TQ processing improves the sonic character, promising “exceptional clarity and precise transient response even at very high SPL.” This high output, high fidelity spot fill loudspeaker is currently available in two models - the DF443 (45° x 30°) and the DF463 (60° x 30°).

astera-goty-award-film-shoot-fp1Astera Titan Tube wins third industry award
Friday, 17 December 2021

Europe - Astera’s Titan Tube has won a Pro Moviemaker Gear of The Year award in the lighting innovation category.
The annual accolade from the international publication for professional film makers is the third major industry award won by Astera’s Titan Tube, following a PLASA Award for Innovation and the PLSN Gold Star Award, both in 2019.
Gear of The Year recognises 'the best, most interesting and useful products and technical innovations and the companies behind them’.
The TitanTube is designed to be a portable lighting solution for TV, film / video / broadcast cinema and photography as well as for shows and live events.
Brent Sauls of Magic Arm Lighting is a freelance gaffer and cinematographer from Cape Town, South Africa and a regular user of Titan Tubes who commented, “They are extremely user-friendly products, and once familiar with what they can do, new ideas just keep flowing on how to use them next.”
UK-based lighting designer Nick Jevons has used them on numerous livestreams, video shoots and live events. “They are so versatile and such a great product. Being able to use these equally effectively in both a studio set up and on open-air shows means it’s not just a great product aesthetically, it offers fantastic value,” he commented.

xeseriespatent1-9900000000079e3cMartin Audio extends list of patents
Thursday, 16 December 2021

UK - Martin Audio has extended its list of patents with the addition of a United Kingdom Patent for its XE stage monitor waveguide.
The patent covers the use of Martin Audio’s differential dispersion coaxial drive units and the continuation of their waveguide shape to form the baffle, as seen in the XE monitors to achieve the desired HF coverage. The geometry of the static HF horn, the LF cone/moving waveguides and the static baffle combine to form a single HF horn.
The XE stage monitor series comprises the XE300 and XE500, both delivering perfect monitor sound with a defined coverage pattern that allows the artist freedom of movement, while reducing overlap with adjacent monitors.
Coaxial Differential Dispersion technology allows the artist to stand directly over the monitor or further back, without significant changes in SPL or tonal balance. It produces the optimal coverage pattern over a listening plane at head-height and helps to contain the sound within that region.
The now patented contour-moulded static third waveguide increases the size of the horn mouth to maintain pattern control downwards and avoid spill outside the desired coverage area. Its rolled contour reduces diffraction and further improves pattern consistency at the lower end of the HF passband.
Managing director Dom Harter comments: “Even though XE monitors were introduced in 2017, it always takes time to secure a patent, but we are delighted that our continuing innovation has once again been recognised and I couldn’t be prouder of our R&D team.”

ljonyxobsidianCurtain falls on Elation’s LightJockey
Wednesday, 15 December 2021

USA - Elation Professional’s LightJockey is one of the longest available lighting control software solutions on the market. Now, after over two decades of service and with tens of thousands of systems in the market, the time has come for LightJockey to gracefully retire, says Elation.
“As ongoing security changes to Windows prevent LightJockey from functioning reliably, the decision was made to phase out the lighting control software with the release of Windows 11 in October,” says Elation. The last LightJockey kit has been sold and this iconic software - the starting point for many professionals in the business - will no longer evolve.”
The transition to a new and modern software solution, however, is simple. LightJockey USB DMX hardware is recognised by Onyx, the lighting control platform by Obsidian Control Systems.
Plug-and-play drivers unlock any of the devices to the Onyx Nova licence, which offers four universes of DMX, Art-Net or sACN support.
Obsidian offers a host of online training videos to help professionals easily learn and convert their systems from LightJockey to ONYX. Find them at

ravenna-x-holoplotHoloplot joins Ravenna community
Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Germany - Berlin-based Holoplot has announced a partnership with ALC NetworX, developer of the Ravenna technology for ultra-low latency real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments.
The partnership will allow all Holoplot products to share a single IP-based network infrastructure with other network traffic when used for installation or mobile projects. Ravenna allows for seamless coexistence with other network traffic, removing the need for a separate network to transport audio and its associated metadata - allowing Holoplot users greater scalability, flexibility and efficiency when using Audio-over-IP (AoIP) networks.
Michael Hlatky, head of engineering, Holoplot said: “AoIP solutions have increasingly become the only option for the transfer of control and audio signals for live audio and complex sound environments. We believe in open technology standards, and Ravenna presents a range of new possibilities in terms of flexibility and the ability to work in complex IT setups alongside other IP technology – while ensuring that the audio performs flawlessly. As the first pro audio partner of Ravenna, we look forward to fully exploring what its AoIP system can offer us and our customers when delivering the highest quality sound to audiences worldwide.”
Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager and technology evangelist, ALC NetworX added: “The scope and scale of what Holoplot’s audio technology can achieve makes it the perfect demonstration for how Ravenna’s IP-based networking solution can offer

l8-1L8 adds support for grandMA3 viz-key
Monday, 13 December 2021

Europe - L8 reports that it now supports the grandMA3 viz-key. It is now possible now to connect any grandMA3 or onPC software to L8 with the maximum number of parameters. This means that all current 255 universes from L8 can be used.
L8 supports grandMA3 viz-key for it's Media, Trace, Unlimited dongles with FP21 update package (FP21 package is already included in all licenses sold in 2021 and can also be purchased separately).

maxhub-camera-familyPolar expands portfolio with Maxhub
Friday, 10 December 2021

UK - Polar has announced the addition of Maxhub to its portfolio. For distribution in the UK.
Maxhub is a brand of the large global manufacturer CVTE, for whom Polar will distribute a full range of unified collaboration products, including panoramic cameras, PTZ cameras, Bluetooth speaker-phones, webcams and conference bars.
Will Turney, Head of Polar’s Integrated Solutions Team comments: “Maxhub’s range provides us with a very high-quality range of collaboration products at a seriously competitive price point. As the world adapts to new and diverse ways of working, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in investment in collaborative technologies, both in commercial organisations and also in the creator sector. Maxhub perfectly complements our existing portfolio, enabling us to offer our customers a wider choice in this fast-growing market.”
Tony McCool, country manager for Maxhub UCC solutions, adds: “We are delighted to partner with Polar as we continue to expand the Maxhub brand across Europe. Polar has a great reputation and a long history of success, and its team possesses all the necessary knowledge and experience to firmly establish our unique solutions in the U.K. market.”

wpsandsxc118white-9900000000079e3cMartin Audio unveils white WPS models
Thursday, 9 December 2021

UK - Martin Audio has announced that its Wavefront Precision optimised line array system, WPS, is now available in white, as a made-to-order option, and is also accompanied by its cardioid subwoofer partner, SXC118.
Martin Audio originally announced WPS in 2019 - the fourth model in the Wavefront Precision series - and it has since gone on to be a firm favourite by owners and users alike.
Dom Harter, Martin Audio MD, explains: “With WPS it was a ground up product development. We wanted to overcome the deficiencies and compromises of other 8” line arrays available on the market. That’s why we believe we have more drivers in WPS than anything else in its class, with spacing, waveguide and crossover point engineered to deliver in particular optimum HF performance with exemplary mid and high frequency pattern control, even at higher SPL. And our rental partners, FOH engineers and system integrators, have really taken WPS to their heart.”
The SXC118 is a cardioid subwoofer featuring an 18” driver in the front and a 14” driver in the rear, coupling together for increased output to the audience while maintaining control and reducing noise behind it.
Harter continues: “The success of WPS and its partner sub has naturally meant that for houses of worship and auditoria there was a growing demand for a white variant and so moving forward we are happy to make this available as a made-to-order option.”

ldi-alchemy-7-best-product-debut-9Alchemy 7 wins LDI debuting product award
Thursday, 9 December 2021

USA - DTS, the Italian Professional Lighting company has won the prestigious Best Debuting Product Award for the entertainment industry. The Award, hosted during the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas was given to DTS's Alchemy 7, the latest Wash moving head announced by the company in 2021.
Alchemy 7 was designed in order to widen its range and offer a high-power, high-efficiency product.
With a 250mm lens, a two-blade framing system and a 6-LED colour chip, capable of delivering quality light and a wide range of pastel shades, this product was placed on the market with the goal to accommodate to the most demanding requests from lighting designers and directors of photography.
The Best Debuting Product Award was proudly accepted by Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS and Ola Melzig, one of the four founders of Apex Technologies, DTS’s exclusive distributors in North America.
"Coming back to LDI after a long time and being awarded the Best Debuting Product Award in 2021 is a huge achievement for us, especially after two very difficult years for the entertainment industry, says Carmen Savarese
"We're grateful that the judges saw the great potential and strength that make Alchemy 7 a great, innovative product, and we're grateful for our colleagues at DTS, especially the Research and Development team that designed the projecto.
“Finally, I'd like to thank Ola Melzig and the whole Apex technologies team, with whom we recently established an exclusive partnership for the North American market. I believe winning this award

soundswitch-control-one-lifestyle-1-handSoundSwitch releases dual universe DMX controller for DJs
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

USA - SoundSwitch, the provider of DJ lighting control solutions, has announced the SoundSwitch Control One - a professional lighting controller and dual-universe DMX interface with extensive connectivity with DJ and DAW applications.
Control One is compatible with professional DJ platforms from Engine DJ, Serato DJ and Virtual DJ, making it easy to integrate the tool into existing set-ups. In addition, performers can automate synchronised light shows and add live lighting effects via Ableton Link or by manually tapping in the BPM on Control One.
Control One provides tactile control over all SoundSwitch performance features, including triggering colour and position overrides, cycling between banks of automated light shows (Autoloops) or triggering the strobe. There are customizable RGB performance pads, parameter knobs, and a touch strip to create the perfect ambience for any event or venue.
The tool can be used without a computer by connecting it via USB to Engine DJ hardware (running v2.0 or higher). Once connected, the user has full standalone control over the entire performance environment, music, and lights.
“The Control One adds new functionally and improves the overall experience of controlling lighting while DJing. Following on from the release of standalone lighting control and the improvements made to the desktop software, a dedicated controller for SoundSwitch and Engine Lighting was the logical next step,” says SoundSwitchʼs product owner, Matt Watkins. “Control One takes the use of lighting in a DJ set to the next level.”

New subscription licensing for LightFactory
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

New Zealand - Dream Solutions has announced that its flagship product, LightFactory can now be purchased as a yearly subscription. The new pricing model greatly reduces the investment needed to use this control software. The new subscription system starts at $99 for the full one universes product, $149 for four universes and $199 per year for a 10 universe system. The scription includes all future software upgrades, free fixture library requests and monthly fixture library updates.
The existing one-time purchase model is still available for those who prefer to purchase the software outright.
The latest version of LightFactory is free to download from:
LightFactory has seen considerable success in a variety of applications over the past 18 years of development, from running major stadium spectaculars with up to 150 DMX universes to local theatre pantomimes, to night clubs and events, museums and architainment applications.

robe-jtse-2021-jts231231592Robe France catches T11 buzz at busy JTSE
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

France - Robe France enjoyed the buzz and excitement generated by the 2021 JTSE (Journées Techniques du Spectacle et de l'Evénement) expo staged over two days at Les Docks de Paris.
It was a welcome return to face to face - or mask to mask - meeting opportunities after the 2020 online event, and Robe’s French team also celebrated this landmark putting a special focus on the launch of the new T11 range of theatrical luminaires, a three-in-one LED lighting solution.
The eye-catching Robe booth in the main Pullman Dock building was designed as a stylish, contemporary ‘lounge’ meet and greet area, and became a social hub for those wanting to say hello and stop for meetings and discussions. It was constantly busy with a stream of customers, contacts and industry friends, and Robe France co-CEO Bruno Garros comments: “It was impressive - many came to us with a specific agenda - they wanted to negotiate and talk about deals. This is a great sign for business picking up again.”
His enthusiasm was shared by his co-CEO Elie Battah who underlined the “extreme importance” of being able to “network with such a diverse mix of people in one space, with so many very positive outlooks for the future after a tough 18 months”.
They and the team reported seeing numerous lighting designers, programmers, technicians, and others from the freelance community together with rental companies, venue operators and also students as well as aspiring young professionals eyeing a future career in production and entertainment technology.
Several peop


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