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r-seriesEM’s Reference Series in Focus at PLASA Leeds
Tuesday, 28 March 2023

UK - Now celebrating its 21st year of business, British loudspeaker manufacturer EM Acoustics will be returning to the Royal Armouries this May for the 2023 edition of PLASA Focus Leeds. EM Acoustics will be taking full advantage of the northern edition of the UK’s largest entertainment technology show to unveil the new, ultra-compact R5 loudspeaker. The R5 joins EM’s flagship Reference Series of low profile, ultra-high quality full range point source loudspeakers possessing extraordinarily flat frequency and phase responses.
“The R Series has proved spectacularly popular. A smaller box is a logical and welcome addition, in response to phenomenal customer demand,” says EM Acoustics brand manager, Greg Clarke. “As with the rest of the Reference family, the R5 offers high-quality point-source audio, exceptional headroom and wonderful musicality. The smaller form of the R5 expands the use case of this outstanding loudspeaker range, giving designers and engineers an extended and highly malleable product ecosystem.”
The R5 will be on show for the first time at PLASA Focus 2023, an addition to a family of loudspeakers already favoured in high-profile environments including West End theatres, live music venues, touring events and a broad range of installations. EM Acoustics director of operations, Mike Wheeler, looks forward to the show: “We’re delighted to be back at PLASA Focus, connecting with our clients and collaborators. This is a big year for EM, as we celebrate 21 years of the brand, launch the R5 and look forward to many other exciting p

optimalaudioOptimal releases WebApp Desktop Demo
Tuesday, 28 March 2023

UK - Optimal Audio has announced the release of an all access WebApp Desktop Demo mode.
WebApp is the digital backbone of Optimal Audio’s ecosystem of controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers providing a system integrator with the ability to configure an entire system of multiples zones in a venue, while presenting the end user with an intuitive and simple interface to control the sound system. Now, for the first time, anyone can experience both the simplicity and power of WebApp without the need for a Zone hardware unit.
The Desktop Demo, available on PC and Mac, offers a fully interactive experience of the intuitive nature of WebApp, and allows users to build confidence and familiarise themselves with this powerful tool.
Jamie Gomez, marketing manager commented: “One of the first things I recognised on joining was that if we could get the WebApp out to as many people as we could, it would be the quickest and most powerful way for system integrators and installers to see the true nature of Optimal Audio and how it is changing commercial audio for the better. Thankfully, Matt Rowe agreed and we were able to develop this relatively quickly.”
Matt Rowe, head of engineering responded: "Similar to test driving a new car, gaining hands-on experience and familiarity with the features of a car builds confidence in making the right purchase decision. In the same vein, the introduction of the WebApp Desktop Demo enables individuals with a PC or Mac to take it for a spin by setting up various zones and sources, adjusting faders and creating rout

eaw-nammEAW highlights line arrays at NAMM 2023
Tuesday, 28 March 2023

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) will be showcasing its complete range of line array solutions throughout the 2023 NAMM Show (Demo Booth 17221). The company is putting a spotlight on its newest offerings, including the KF210 2-way 2 X 10″ Line Array and the NTX210L Active 2-way 2 X 10″ Line Array, as well as the AC6 2-way Full Range ADAPTive Column Loudspeaker, with regular demonstrations throughout the show. These new products include both powered and passive options.
“Our goal is to never dictate to audio professionals what products or technologies they need to use, but to instead create tools that help them do their job and please their clients,” says TJ Smith, president of EAW. “The addition of KF210, NTX210L and AC6 to EAW’s broad catalogue offer exactly that: powered and passive solutions ideal for productions with small crews up to stadium-sized events. We look forward to finding the perfect fit for every live sound professional at NAMM 2023.”
Weighing in at only 60lbs, EAW’s KF210 is an option for small crews operating out of medium to large outdoor festivals, performing arts centres or theatres. EAW’s Focusing and DynO digital signal processing allows KF210 to provide clear and dynamic sound with a pristine impulse response at any volume, from 18kHz, all the way down to 55Hz.
Featuring Optilogic technology, the NTX210L provides ‘effortless array optimisation to get you up and running faster and with fewer opportunities for error, as each array communicates with surrounding modules using proximity sensors’. EAW’s

otosb5Cameo expands OTOS series
Monday, 27 March 2023

Germany - Cameo has expanded its OTOS series. Following the successful launch of the OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head, demand for IP65-capable, light-intensive and lighter moving heads is growing. The German manufacturer is now expanding its portfolio with the specialist OTOS SP6 (Spot Profile) and OTOS B5 (Beam) models, IP65 moving heads aimed at lighting designers and rental companies looking for tools for outdoor use.
The OTOS SP6 is an IP65 spot profile moving head with a 600W LED light source and an illuminance of 75,800 lx at a beam angle of 7°. The optical system – with a 130 mm front lens – offers an impressively wide zoom range, from 7° to 50°, and ensures precise lighting results without visible hotspots. With its IP65-rated housing, the OTOS SP6 is an extremely versatile tool for outdoor use that can be used to reliably achieve all lighting ideas, even under adverse conditions – on live stages, at outdoor events, and also in the theatre and TV sectors.
In addition, the OTOS SP6 can also be used creatively and flexibly. For this purpose, two gobo wheels, a five-facet prism and an integrated four-fold iris slider system with individual angulation and +/- 45° rotation are available. Two frost filters (light and heavy) and an infinitely variable iris diaphragm round off the wide range of possibilities. The OTOS SP6 works with CMY colour mixing and includes an additional colour wheel with six dichroic filters + open for particularly saturated, powerful colours.
The OTOS B5 is an IP65 beam moving head based on a 480-wat

dpaDPA extends pencil microphone family
Friday, 24 March 2023

Denmark - DPA Microphones has unveiled its new compact 2012 Cardioid and 2015 Wide Cardioid Microphones. Featuring a durable, reinforced construction to withstand the rigors of touring, the new mics join the brand’s line of pencil mics and offer DPA’s renowned natural and precise sound reproduction. Designed for a variety of instruments, from loud and booming audio to gentle and elusive tones, the 2012 and 2015 mics will be showcased at NAMM 2023 (Booth 14504).
“We are so pleased to share these new solutions for sound professionals in the music industry,” says Helga Volha Somava, product management director, DPA Microphones. “The 2012 Cardioid and 2015 Wide Cardioid continue to build upon our other live microphone solutions, offering the same natural sound quality that people know, love and trust, with sonic and physical properties specifically designed to meet the needs of the live stage. Thanks to the superior SPL handling and excellent transient response, these microphones will serve as versatile and durable solutions for audio professionals everywhere.”
The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone acts as a reliable, all-around, generalist pencil mic that performs well on any instrument. This mic combines a robust design with intricate sound pickup for accurate close miking on any stage setup. From horns and percussion to acoustic or electric guitars, bass cabinets and more, the 2012 can capture crystal clear, single instrument pickup with ease. Unlike the dynamic mics frequently used for close miking applications, the 2012 features an extended f

next-configuratorNEXT Audiogroup debuts Audio Configurator
Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Europe - NEXT Audiogroup has introduced the Audio Configurator, an innovative solution that streamlines the process of choosing the NEXT Audiocom’s products for any installation. It is the latest addition to NEXT Audiogroup's range of technology, designed to simplify the process of selecting the right solution.
With its user-friendly interface, the Audio Configurator eliminates the need for technical expertise, allowing anyone to easily configure and customize the ideal audio system. The tool uses audio packs to generate tailored audio product packs that are optimized for each installation.
“At NEXT Audiogroup, we understand that selecting the right audio products can be a daunting task, especially for those who are not familiar with the different possible products combination. We believe that the Audio Configurator will be a game-changer, making it easier than ever before to select the right audio products for each installation”, said Sergio Pinto – NEXT Audiogroup sales manager.

rh-logoRenkus-Heinz brings sound solution to NAMM
Wednesday, 22 March 2023

USA - Renkus-Heinz has announced its attendance at NAMM 2023 from 13-15 April at the Anaheim Convention Centre in Anaheim, CA.
Attendees at NAMM 2023 can experience the Renkus-Heinz sound solution in person at booth 14001 and the Hilton Lobby centre stage, where live music will be played Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights exclusively through Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers. Renkus-Heinz team members will also be on the floor at NAMM, including CTO Ralph Heinz, product manager Brandon Heinz and western regional sales manager Garrison Parkin.
“We aim to bring the best sound quality imaginable to our customers, and NAMM is the perfect place to display the live sound solutions we deliver for concerts, theatres, touring and more,” Ralph Heinz said. “Music is a driving force in many of our lives, and we’re excited for guests to experience the powerful, high-fidelity audio solutions featured at our booth and the Hilton Lobby, where anyone can come enjoy a drink and hear our speakers in action.”
On display at NAMM 2023 will be the ICLive X Series small-format line array which represents over 15 years of research and development of digital beam-steering technology.
The ICLive X has been designed from the ground up to be the single most scalable sound system ever created: each mid-sized ICLX module can stand alone or be arrayed with up to 12 units to deliver precise and predictable coverage for any venue. The complementary ICLX-118S subwoofer adds powerful low-frequency energy to any ICLive X system, and a wide range of rigging and cabling acces

fiberfoxNeutrik exhibits at Engineering Solutions Live
Friday, 17 March 2023

UK - The Neutrik Group is exhibiting at this year’s Engineering Solutions Live. The event, taking place on 23 March at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire, encompasses a breadth of engineering design and manufacturing applications, as they relate to ‘fastening and joining’, ‘materials’ and ‘PCB’.
The Neutrik Group develops, designs, manufactures and globally distributes innovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and systems, under the Neutrik, Contrik and Rean brands. The group’s product portfolio is used extensively throughout the AV entertainment and installation, media production and broadcast sectors, and in wider industrial applications.
Within the portfolio of Neutrik product on display, the Fiberfox series of HMA fibre optic connector systems will be of major interest, bringing multimode fibre connectivity alive, without the need to handle pigtailed bulkheads.
Also being shown, Contrik professional portable power distribution systems and premium-quality power cables are designed and precision manufactured in the EU for use in indoor and outdoor all-weather applications.

danleyDanley Sound Labs launches amplifier line
Friday, 17 March 2023

USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced the availability of a new line of amplifiers for dealers and customers. In addition to its popular DNA series amplifiers, the D series amplifiers provide high-end sound reinforcement for installation and touring use.
“At Danley, we’re always looking for new technologies and ways to allow for innovation in sound,” said Skip Welch, director of sales & marketing at Danley Sound Labs. “In addition to our DNA series amplifiers, the new D series line offers a new option for our dealers and customers that features a very powerful digital signal processing (DSP) suite and a number of power options to make this amplifier series a very useful tool.”
The Danley D series amplifiers feature a powerful Class-D power stage that delivers ‘high output power, high efficiency and low heat generation’. The D series provides processing features such as FIR filtering, dynamic EQ, and Dante networking (optional) all working alongside a DSP architecture including four local plus four auxiliary DSP channels (also supplied to the network) meaning a single Delta DSP amplifier can control a stereo 4-way system with no external processing.
Additionally, all D series amplifiers feature advanced protection circuitry that ensures the safety of the equipment and speakers including over-current protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and a soft-start function to minimize the inrush current.
“While the nature of sound doesn’t change, the way in which we can help deliver sound does,” said Mike Hedden,

at-qsys-teamsA-T ceiling array certified for Teams Rooms
Thursday, 16 March 2023

UK - Audio-Technica has announced that its ATND1061DAN Ceiling Array is now certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms as part of a Q-SYS system. Audio-Technica partnering with Q-SYS unifies and streamlines network configuration and control, resulting in a simplified integration and setup process for installers and end users as well as remote monitoring and management and more.
With this new certified offering, users can take advantage of the flexible and scalable Q-SYS audio, video and control platform and have confidence in clear and articulate audio quality, rejection of unwanted sounds and the option to trigger camera position pre-sets using the real-time positioning data from the Audio-Technica microphone.
When deployed in high-impact spaces from executive boardrooms to lecture halls, the ATND1061DAN ceiling array microphone delivers clear voices to the far end, even with multiple talkers via digital Dante audio outputs. Delivering an enhanced integration with Q-SYS, Audio-Technica also announces the Q-SYS control plugin for the ATND1061DAN which enables control of an ATND1061DAN microphone, including the ability to mute, trigger the LED, load presets stored in the main unit, and monitor connection status from a Q-SYS network touch screen controller.
“We're thrilled to collaborate with Audio-Technica to deliver more options for users installing Teams Rooms certified solutions in any type of high-impact space,” says Geno Zaharie, principal, alliances and ecosystem, Q-SYS. “Furthermore, we are pleased to have Audio-Technica part of the Q-SYS Techn

mlt-threeHOF expands MLT series with the MLT Three
Thursday, 16 March 2023

Germany - The MLT Pre Rig Truss Series from HOF has a new member to complete the series: the MLT Three.
The MLT series now consists of the MLT Three, MLT Two, MLT One, MLT Zero and the MLT Frame. The MLT Three has no closed head frame and is open at the bottom. This makes it easier to mount moving lights or video modules in the truss.
In addition, the dolly of the MLT Three Pre Rig Truss has extended telescopic legs that allow the user to mount complete video modules, including the hanging frame, in the truss and leave them in the truss during transportation.
A rail system is optionally available for the MLT Three, which makes mounting the units in the pre rig truss even easier: the rail system is a double rail system.
This means that the units can be suspended on two different levels and no lowering bar is required. The rail system also allows the user to mount lighting equipment at the transitions between two trusses and to create seamless transitions between the video modules in the trusses.
When loaded vertically, the load-bearing capacity of the MLT Three Pre Rig Truss is the same as that of the MLT Two Pre Rig Truss. When using both systems in a track, the static calculation of the MLT Three must be applied.

sharkShowtec Shark series adds three
Wednesday, 15 March 2023

UK - Showtec has announced new additions to its Shark series of moving head light fixtures in the form of the Shark Beam One, the Shark Spot Two and the Shark Wash Zoom Two.
The Shark Beam One is a 90-watt LED beam moving head that creates colourful and dynamic light displays thanks to its impressive features. It boasts 13 colours plus white, a 6-facet rotating prism, 11 gobos, frost and flower effects, and more.
The Shark Spot Two is a versatile 90-watt LED spot moving head, with seven colours plus white, a three-facet prism, six gobos, and dimmer and strobe functions.
Classic wash effects with different beam angles are easy to create on the Shark Wash Zoom Two thanks to its motorised zoom. It also has dimmer and strobe functions.
Showtec’s Shark series features several compact moving head light fixtures that are suitable for bars, small clubs and similar establishments.

acp01963Next Audiocom debuts versatile amplifier
Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Portugal - NEXT Audiocom has introduced A504DSP, an amplifier that combines a lightweight, 4 x 500W (2 x 1000W) amplifier, with a powerful DSP engine that can be configured to suit a wide range of tasks, without the need for additional equipment, to drive a wide range of loudspeaker systems.
The close integration of processing and amplification allows the DSP to monitor and better adapt to amplifier behaviour, making dynamics processing far more accurate and effective than that typically achieved with separate components, says Next.
The A504DSP flexibly distributes the total amplifier power in various combinations across four, three or two outputs to drive, for example: Four full-range loudspeakers or subwoofers, high-power subwoofer + two full-range loudspeakers, high-power subwoofer + bi-amplified speaker or high-power full-range loudspeaker + high-power subwoofer.

starctrlQuasar Science releases starCTRL design app
Wednesday, 15 March 2023

USA - Quasar Science has announced the release of a new lighting design app for its Double Rainbow and Rainbow 2 RGBX linear LED fixtures. starCTRL is a free iOS app that users can download from the Apple App Store. It allows users to control colour and effects parameters of up to seven Rainbow series lights from an iPhone or iPad.
starCTRL allows users to adjust the control parameters, pre-sets, and lighting effects of Rainbow fixtures remotely with a quick to configure Bluetooth connection. With the Rainbow lights in starCTRL Mode, the app will quickly Auto-discover all lights and be ready to control in seconds.
"The starCTRL app lets you quickly and easily set your lights." said Quasar Science CTO, Ben Dynice. "With its intuitive interface and wireless capabilities, users can control multiple parameters for multiple lights directly from the iOS device, eliminating the need for DMX or complex lighting consoles for simple lighting setups."
Three tabs within the app control all features. The Control Tab allows users to control intensity, colour temperature, plus/minus green, hue, saturation, and output. The Preset Tab contains several pre-configured colour settings for quick selection, and the FX Tab allows users to control built-in lighting effects and parameters to tune the lights to their exact requirements.
Other features in the starCTRL app include the ability to save and recall favourite colours and effects and a simple to use drag-and-drop function to create groups allowing control of multiple lights at the same time. Users of the app

sennheiserSennheiser Profile USB microphone on stream
Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Europe - Sennheiser has launched the Profile USB microphone, a cardioid condenser microphone that presents ‘an easy and stylish solution for streaming and podcasting’. It combines professional sound with direct accessibility of all functions, allowing streamers, podcasters and gamers to fully focus on their content, says Sennheiser. The side-address microphone is available as a table stand version (EUR 129, MSRP) and as the Profile Streaming Set with a 3-point self-locking boom arm (EUR 199, MSRP). Both models are shipping now.
At the heart of the Profile USB microphone is an award-winning Sennheiser condenser capsule, the KE 10. Its cardioid pick-up pattern provides the typical attenuation of sound coming from the rear, making sure that the streamer’s voice is in focus.
In designing the Profile, product managers Benny Franke and Dennis Stegemerten also put an emphasis on ease of use. “When you are recording your podcast or doing a live stream, you already have to worry about the content, perhaps room treatment, the camera set-up, interaction with your audience – the last thing you need in this situation is a complex audio set-up”, explains Franke. “So we tried to create tech that gets out of the way of your creative process.”
Stegemerten continues, “The design is simple and efficient and does not overwhelm you. Profile is simply plugged into the USB-C port of your computer or tablet – your device will automatically recognize the microphone, and it’s ready to capture your voice. There is no need for an interface or any software

real-timeLooking to the future of virtual production
Friday, 10 March 2023

UK - Growth during the pandemic has left the video community wondering what virtual production will become in the future. Laura Frank wants the next generation to find out.
Built on decades of technical production experience, Laura Frank’s book Real-Time Video Content for Virtual Production & Live Entertainment (Routledge publishing) is ‘an attempt to capture history in the making, while drawing a roadmap for those who are learning how real-time video technologies relate in a fast-moving industry’.
“This textbook not only reinforces the path many chose to focus on during 2020, but also encourages the variety of the skills acquired for virtual production in other entertainment environments,” says the author.
When pressed on who this textbook is for, Laura explains: “A student may find the topic of real-time creative video overwhelming and not know where to start - this textbook describes the evolution of real-time video from the 1950’s until the present, and the various entertainment applications that have occurred along the way. This might inspire students in studies outside the entertainment industry to pursue a career path in real-time creative video production.
“I feel a real responsibility to see the creative video community grow and thrive. That includes encouraging more women into this profession, and promoting more diversity and stronger labour practices. This textbook is only part of my mission to promote this change,” she adds.
“What struck me was that our community has not documented our history

oca-iseOCA Alliance demos new developments at ISE
Friday, 10 March 2023

Europe - ISE 2023 saw the OCA Alliance bring forward several new developments and announcements that will ‘continue to push the horizons of the AES70 control standard’. During the show, presentations, demonstrations, and new members to the trade association showcased current and future technologies and tools that will further broaden the OCA Ecosystem.
A prime focus of the presentations at ISE was the upcoming AES70-2023 revision to the standard. The new revision brings a wealth of new additions and enhancements to the AES70 standard aimed at making the standard more comprehensive, easier to adopt and implement, and expanding its functionality - while maintaining backward compatibility with existing implementations. As part of that effort, new standard adaptations will be released to support connection management for other media networking transports, such as AES67 and MILAN (AES70-21 and AES70-22, respectively) to create complete media networking solutions.
Seeing the opportunity and demand these technologies and solutions present to the market, new OCA Alliance member JOYNED participated in the technology demonstration by showcasing their audio network evaluation board. Their solution allows pro audio manufacturers to quickly integrate open public standards for OCA device control functionalities and MILAN transport in a developer-ready package. “Open-standard protocols are the vehicle for a sustainable and reliable audio network ecosystem,” commented JOYNED CMO/Co-Founder Richi Rozas.
Elsewhere on the show floor, OCA Alliance member

qsc-touchmix-3QSC releases firmware v3.0 for TouchMix-30
Wednesday, 8 March 2023

USA - QSC has introduced a major firmware v3.0 update to its TouchMix-30 Pro digital mixer. The new standard for performance in a compact digital mixer, the TouchMix-30 Pro with firmware v3.0 satisfies the needs of many professionals with the addition of Scenes, Snapshots, Cue List management and offline editing functionalities.
Scenes provide the user with the ability to store and recall the entire mixer configuration, while Snapshots allow the user to save and recall selected settings for designated channels without affecting other mixer settings. Cue Lists select and arrange Scenes, Snapshots and audio files into a predetermined sequence for recall during a show, while offline editing provides the user with the ability to create and edit mixer configurations without the mixer being connected to Wi-Fi.
Previous TouchMix-30 Pro firmware updates added advanced features such as two independent 24-channel, gain-sharing automatic microphone mixers, custom fader banks and the capability to interface with certain third-party external motorized fader control surfaces.
“From the start, our vision for the TouchMix Series was to bring ‘big console’ features to users in the form of an easy-to-use, compact package,” states Jon Graves, QSC mixer product manager. “These new enhancements give our users an unprecedented array of professional features, tools and functions that simply don’t exist in other products close to this price point. Plus, the ability to deliver these enhancements to existing users at no additional cost demonstrates our continue

paper-takPaper-Tak sticks up for the environment
Tuesday, 7 March 2023

UK - Le Mark Group has introduced a new solution to limit the everyday impact of productions on the environment. Their new product, Paper-Tak, is a tough, self-adhesive, PVC-free tape which is an alternative to the hundreds of thousands of pieces of PVC tape commonly used for colour-coding, cable-coiling, identification, spiking and countless other on-site production tasks.
Made using 70% recycled paper, a core of 100% recycled cardboard and with recyclable packaging, Paper-Tak provides a viable solution for companies working in production who are serious about minimising the environmental impact of their activities. With a quick-stick, multi-surface, natural rubber-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive, Paper-Tak’s crepe paper surface is easy to tear and easy to write on, with a pen and pencil receptive surface, offering a usable solution for the vast majority of applications.
Le Mark’s Stuart Gibbons says, “Greenpeace considers PVC to be the single most environmentally damaging of all the plastics we commonly use – and our industry discards tonnes of it every year. The need for a new approach cannot be overstated: this is a hugely significant step for our industry.”
The market has already shown a welcoming response to the innovation, with leading companies immediately seeing the benefits of the product. Among those is White Light, which is now making Paper-Tak available via its online shop. Other companies who have seen the unique value of this new sustainable offering include Theatre Supplies Group and Canford Audio.
Le Mark’s Jef

s4wrdcoloriiLED upgrade with Source 4WRD Color II
Tuesday, 7 March 2023

Europe - ETC has sold millions of Source Four incandescent fixtures over the past 30 years. In many cases, these fixtures are still running strong and revered as the workhorses of their school auditoriums, houses of worship, and theatres. When it comes to upgrading from incandescent to LED, throwing out fixtures that are still in good working condition can, understandably, be a difficult decision.
Source 4WRD Color II makes this decision easy. It enables the upcycling of any existing ETC incandescent Source Four fixture to a RGBA LED fixture in minutes and use only a quarter of the power. This non-destructive retrofit maintains the majority of the Source Four incandescent fixture and reduces overall waste.
Compared to the previous generation of Source 4WRD Color, the addition of the new snap in reflector and the significantly brighter red emitter provide a notable intensity increase of 36% in warm whites and dramatically improves colour rendering performance, says RTC. Rich, saturated colours, pastel hues, and cool toning blues loved by theatre designers worldwide also see ‘remarkable improvements’.
This second generation of Source 4WRD Color is not only a retrofit, but also can be a full spot profile, a full PAR, or full PARNel fixture. With 12 built-in colour presets and five built-in sequences, stand-alone operation is intuitive.

navis-sidekickETC expands ArcSystem Navis line with driver
Friday, 3 March 2023

Europe - ETC has introduced Navis 100 Sidekick, a local LED driver compatible with ArcSystem Navis 100 luminaires. With this addition to the Navis line, specifiers now have even more installation options.
Debuted in 2020, Navis luminaires deliver pristine light and a modular design. The new Navis Sidekick attaches to Navis 100 fixed white or Fade to Warm luminaires, dimming via direct 100-277 AC power. This small, local driver is designed for areas where level setting and smooth in-and-out dimming are key, such as hallways, guest rooms, and more. Sidekick is also a solution for retrofits to buildings already utilising mains dimming systems.

glxdShure reveals GLX-D+ dual band wireless system
Thursday, 2 March 2023

UK - Shure has introduced its new and improved GLX-D+ Dual Band Wireless system, providing a ‘solution for guitarists, bassists, vocalists, and presenters who want to go wireless with confidence and without complexity’.
A major enhancement from the previous generation that more than doubles available bandwidth, the system’s new Dual Band Wireless Technology can operate in 2.4GHz and now 5.8GHz, providing reliable and consistent signal by automatically scanning for and selecting the cleanest available frequencies. GLX-D+ Dual Band intelligently avoids interference and ensures dropouts won’t stop the show, enabling users to focus on performing while benefitting from superior, transparent wireless audio.
GLX-D+ is available in rack-mount, tabletop, and guitar pedal receiver options with a wide selection of lavalier, headset, and handheld microphone choices – including the legendary SM58.
Featuring improved battery life over the previous generation, GLX-D+ now offers up to 12 hours of runtime. The system’s useful quick charge capability provides 1.5 hours of use from a 15-minute charge for times when getting and staying on stage swiftly is a priority.
GLX-D+ features multiple smart rechargeability options. The new lithium-Ion SB904 battery can be charged directly on the tabletop and half-rack receivers or through a USB-C connector on the transmitter.
“Equipped with our legendary Shure audio technology, GLX-D+ users are guaranteed to experience exceptional digital wireless audio that captures their tone and includes everything

astraProlights launches the Astra Profile600IP
Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Europe - Prolights has released the Astra Profile600IP, a bright, IP65-rated LED moving profile. The unit is designed for large-scale touring and exterior installations.
The Astra Profile600IP offers’ an outstanding performance’ that utilises a 600W white LED engine, reaching 21,000 lumens whilst achieving a flat field beam projection. Its optical system moves linearly from 7° to 62°.
This fixture has a CMY colour mixing system that delivers saturated colours, linear CTO correction from 2,700K to 5,600K and a colour wheel with six colour filters plus a 5,600K high CRI filter.
The Astra Profile600IP includes four-layer motorised framing shutters, an animation wheel, a rotating gobo wheel, one frost filter, a four-facet prism and an iris.

ise-pioneer-dj-Pioneer Pro XPRS Series proves popular at ISE
Friday, 24 February 2023

Europe - Following the recent launch of the Pioneer DJ XPRS2 Series of active loudspeakers, the Pioneer PRO Audio team was in attendance at ISE 2023 in Barcelona to give visitors an up-close, hands-on experience of the new units.
For Pioneer, the show proved an overwhelming success that saw sustained interest in both its commercial audio CM-Series speakers, which were available to examine on the joint Frenexport/Pioneer PRO AUDIO stand, and in the demo room, where XPRS2 was put through its paces under the strap-line ‘Versatile XPRSion’.
Pioneer Pro Audio marketing executive, Federico Sidero comments, “We staged four hours of demos per day in our fully branded demo area, which featured a DJ booth to promote a genuine ‘club’ feel to events. The demos were broken down into half hour slots, all of which were expertly presented by our product specialist David Ferreira, and the vast majority of which attracted a full room.
“We’d expected a good deal of interest in the products, but nothing quite prepared us for the level of attention and subsequent enthusiasm that they received. More than 500 people visited our demos during the week, which was hugely gratifying.”
The demonstrations featured all of the available new models - XPRS102 10” and XPRS122 12” full-range units, and XPRS1152S single 15” and XPRS1182S single 18” subwoofers. All the units were demonstrated individually and in different combinations, with visitors able to experience the four DSP pre-set modes which can be switched between live, music, speech and monitor s


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