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l-isaL-Acoustics releases L-ISA Studio 2.5
Tuesday, 29 November 2022

France - L-Acoustics has expanded access to spatial mixing with the launch of L-ISA Studio 2.5, now compatible with any PC and Windows OS in addition to Mac and macOS computers. With unlimited free binaural output capability, L-ISA Studio 2.5 can be downloaded from the L-Acoustics website.
The new L-ISA Studio 2.5 on Windows includes both the L-ISA Controller and L-ISA Processor Desktop applications as well as L-ISA Audio Bridge, a custom virtual sound card for Windows. The Audio Bridge includes both Bridge Out and Device Out pathways for audio output. The Bridge Out allows 12 outputs to be sent through any DAW for multichannel recording, while simultaneous Device Out allows audio to be sent to either headphones or a multichannel sound card for rendering for immersive loudspeaker configurations.
Additional enhancements in L-ISA Studio 2.5 include graphic updates to the L-ISA Controller, which free up additional screen real estate for the sound engineer. Creators can now also load standard loudspeaker templates for configurations in Atmos, BluSpace, and more. Pre-production is facilitated with selective speaker muting and the ability to snap objects to specific active or muted speakers, which facilitates previewing different loudspeaker configurations in diverse spaces.
“L-ISA is an intuitive platform for creators to explore mixing in spatial sound, which can be rendered to platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and more,” explains Guillaume Le Nost, executive director of creative technologies at L-Acoustics. “Making L-ISA Studio widely available

obsidian-control-systemsldi-2022-1Obsidian control systems prove popular at LDI
Monday, 28 November 2022

USA - Lighting designers, programmers and operators all made their way to the Obsidian booth over the course of the three-day show to check out the NX1 lighting console, as well as other consoles in the NX line and a full line of Netron data distribution products.
The NX1 has created quite a buzz in the lighting control community since launching at the Prolight + Sound tradeshow in Frankfurt last April with LDI being the first opportunity for many in the U.S. to see and demo the console in person. The unit has been shipping worldwide since September.
The NX1 is a scalable and full-featured console that offers the complete Onyx experience in an ultra-compact package. It is expandable with the dedicated NXP motorized playback wing, and the NXK, a small USB-powered control surface. Obsidian ran a grand prize drawing at the show with one lucky winner walking away with a brand new NX1 console on the last day of the show.
“Obsidian had great response from the lighting community,” stated Elation channel sales manager John Lopez. “Along with the NX1 systems complete with the NXP and NXK, we featured the full-power DyLOS pixel composer on the NX4 featuring an upcoming release to ONYX. We also featured the NX2 with additional touch monitor and NX Touch as an additional play back wing.
“With the help of Vangelis and Visilis from Capture Sweden, we were also able to feature Capture Visualisation. Both Onyx and Capture share the same libraries provided by AtlaBase, which allows instant libraries for both your control and design software, but mor

vlldi20221Vari-Lite reports positive product response at LDI
Monday, 28 November 2022

USA - The Vari-Lite team says they are “overwhelmed” at the response to the new products showcased at LDI 2022 and by the strength of the brand within the industry.
Three major new flagship products made their US tradeshow debut at the event. A highlight was the Vari-Lite VL3600 Profile IP - a large-scale, high output production profile fixture with an IP65 rating and pitched for touring and TV productions, stadiums and arenas, and large theatres and houses of worship. The other new luminaire showstopper was the VL1600 Profile - an advanced moving head profile luminaire designed for theatrical key lighting applications.
The team also unveiled the new Neo X15 control console, which was powered up for hands-on demo at LDI 2022. The Neo X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship, high-performance lighting console, offering 15 multifunctional motorized playbacks and backlit encoders, and can output over 50,000 channels out of the box. The intuitive hardware layout includes two built-in monitors, a soft touch control screen, and built-in audio I/O connectivity that makes it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects, videos, and more. A smaller 5-fader X5 console is expected out early next year, with the same processor, build quality, and 100 universes of DMX as the X15.
“LDI was incredible for us,” says Brian Friborg, Vari-Lite global sales leader at Signify. “The Vari-Lite brand is as strong as it has ever been so the hard work we have all put in during the past five years is really paying off. I got only positive feedback from designers, partne

hh-electronicsHH launches loudspeaker management systems
Friday, 25 November 2022

UK - HH Electronics has announced the launch of its fully-featured SP26 and SP48 digital loudspeaker management systems.
The SP26 is a fully featured 2-IN/6-OUT digital speaker management system with two analogue inputs and six analogue outputs, each managed by a powerful DSP engine. Each input channel provides PEQ, gain control, dynamic low boost, noise gate function, RMS compressor, internal white/pink noise generator, and configurable delay. Each output offers up to 7 PEQ and crossover filters. Easy setup features intuitive front panel controls and an interactive LCD display for local setup, or a dedicated PC control interface for remote monitoring and configuration via USB or RS485.
For applications requiring more inputs and outputs, the SP48 4-IN/8-OUT offers four analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs, each managed by a powerful DSP Engine. Each input channel provides 30 PEQ, gain control, noise gate, RMS compressor and configurable delay. The SP48 supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output.
SP26 and SP48 are counterparts to any HH loudspeaker system and are suitable for a wide range of applications including live sound reinforcement, theatres, bars and clubs, houses of worship, conferencing, and corporate events. Both units are also pre-loaded with audio pre-sets specifically for use with HH’s new TNA line array system, enabling swift and easy set up straight out of the box.

ness-interfaceArbane features spatialisation software at JTSE
Wednesday, 23 November 2022

France - Arbane Groupe will again be exhibiting at JTSE trade fair in Paris (22-23 November, Dock Pullman). Amongst the latest products and solutions from the French audio manufacturer brands APG and Active Audio, one show highlight will be APG’s NESS, the free spatialisation software.
JTSE visitors will get a chance to discover the benefits of NESS first-hand before the solution is presented to a wider international audience at next year’s ISE.
Available to download from the new-look Arbane Groupe website, NESS enables entertainment and corporate venue operators, including bars and nightclubs, theatres and conference rooms, to enter the world of immersive sound.
With NESS, APG aims to offer a robust, reliable spatialisation solution based on established, proven audio algorithms and principles. APG’s ambition is to create a thriving community of users around this software in order to tailor its development towards customer needs and expectations. APG will be holding regular NESS presentations by Damien Jacquet, R&D engineer for Arbane Groupe and NESS developer.
NESS will also be a suitable platform to experience the even coverage offered by APG loudspeakers, and in particular the popular iX range. A number of products from both APG and Active Audio will be presented on the Arbane stand.
For APG, these include SPOT2.6, its passive full-range compact loudspeaker with 2 × 6.5” drivers and high directivity control, and the DA range of four-channel live touring amplifiers, developed in partnership with Powersoft.
Active A

fantek-f-ringnew-finalFantek F-Ring makes debut at LDI
Tuesday, 22 November 2022

USA/Spain - A simple solution that protects trusses from damage and scratches was unveiled by Fantek at the 2022 LDI show in Las Vegas.
The Fantek Ring (F-Ring) is a cost effective and patented innovation that can be installed on trusses in a matter of minutes. Once in place, the F-Ring ensures that no damage can occur when the truss is being stacked on trolleys, moved from venue to venue or placed on the ground. Although removal is easy, there is no need to remove the F-Ring before using the truss, which means that the same F-Ring can remain in situ for the duration of the truss's life. And because it is very secure there is no opportunity for the F-Ring to be lost during transit.
Available in sets and already in stock, Fantek's F-Rings are suitable for rental companies that want to protect their valuable truss stock. They are compatible with all truss models from any manufacturer using 50mm main tubes, the type most common with the 29cm wide trusses used for trade shows and live events.

smartbatplusg2Prolights updates uplighters with Smart BatPlusG2
Monday, 21 November 2022

Europe - Prolights has announced the release of the Smart BatPlusG2, a high-end version of the Smart Bat uplighters designed with enhanced output and battery performance, IP65 with a new look.
The fixture has four 20W RGB+WW LEDs with high CRI, twice the output on the battery against the previous generation, and nearly three times if connected to the mains. The Smart BatPlusG2 is also ‘Spektra calibrated’, joining a large family of Prolights products that share the same colour calibration standard.
The mechanical design allows turning the unit from an uplighter into a spotlight by using the suspension or floor bracket without compromising the aesthetics of the fixture.
The Smart BatPlusG2 introduces new features such as interchangeable batteries and easy covers with multiple colours, making it possible to change its look as desired. User-friendly, it can be used wirelessly with a built-in battery, CRMX/W-DMX and RDM control, or wired through the PSU and XLR connectors (bypassing the battery).

martinelp-par-ip-1dMartin Pro debuts IP65-rated LED wash fixture
Friday, 18 November 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the Martin ELP PAR IP static LED wash fixture with IP65-rated outdoor protection.
Joining its sibling, the ELP PAR, this fixture features high-intensity zoom, full-gamut color calibration and smart rigging and control functions and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications with an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water ingress. And its sealed design supports fewer maintenance cycles. The ELP PAR IP and ELP PAR are versatile workhorse lighting solutions for rentals, installs and touring.
The ELP PAR IP delivers 3,350 lumens of output thanks to its newly designed 7 x 40W RGBW light engine. It’s designed for covering larger stages that require long throw distances.
“The ELP PAR significantly raised the brightness bar in the compact class, producing up to twice the lumen output of its predecessors,” says Mark Mercer-Buss, Martin product manager, Entertainment Lighting. “The ELP PAR IP takes this versatility to the next level with integrated IP65-rated outdoor weather protection that makes it ideal for lighting outdoor or indoor theatre productions, festival, exhibitions or corporate events.”

iclx-w-grille-500px-2Renkus-Heinz brings ICLive X series to LDI
Thursday, 17 November 2022

USA - Renkus-Heinz has announced its attendance at LDI in Las Vegas, Nevada, from 18-20 November at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.
LDI attendees will have the opportunity to speak directly with product manager Brandon Heinz and Western regional sales manager Garrison Parkin at booth #405 in the Amplify Pavilion. To experience the Renkus-Heinz Sound Solution first-hand, attendees can stop by room N250 for a live loudspeaker demonstration of the ICLive X Series.
“LDI is a chance for our customers, distributors, sales reps and partners to experience the power of the Renkus-Heinz Sound Solution in person,” said Parkin. “We look forward to sharing the live experience with everyone at the show.”
As the intelligent evolution of the small-format line array, the ICLive X Series represents over 15 years of research and development of digital beam-steering technology. Created with integrators, contractors, and rental & staging companies in mind, ICLive X provides system designers the horsepower, steerability and directivity needed to deliver consistent coverage and intelligibility for even the biggest events or most architecturally challenging spaces.
Each mid-sized ICLX module can stand alone or be arrayed with up to 12 units to deliver precise and predictable coverage for any venue. The complementary ICLX-118S subwoofer adds powerful low-frequency energy to any ICLive X system, and a wide range of rigging and cabling accessories help simplify integration and deployment of the ICLive X Series.
Caption: Each mid-sized I

claypakyvolero-wave1Volero Wave LED bar leads Claypaky LDI promotion
Thursday, 17 November 2022

USA - Claypaky is set to launch new products at LDI in Las Vegas.
Making its world premiere will be Volero Wave LED bar, with original and innovative features. It is made up of a system of eight moving heads, each one independently capable of a 220° tilt, thus producing never-seen-before three-dimensional volumetric projections. Each of these heads contains a brand-new mirror-based optical system combined with 40W RGBW LEDs; the innovative concept behind Volero Wave was to be able to move the entire light source on its axis, thus preserving the same intensity of the light flux in any position of the tilt range.
The beams always appear extremely sharp and collimated, parallel to each other thanks to the 2.9° projection angle. Their synchronized movement produces an impressive wave of light, all the more overwhelming the more Volero Wave units you seamlessly connect to each other. When fitted on the Claypaky Panify, they can even be provided with an endless variable-speed pan rotation.
The Xtylos family is the result of years of joint studies and design carried out by Claypaky and Osram regarding both performance and safety in laser engine-based light sources. In compliance with the regulations governing the use of products that incorporate a laser system, today Claypaky is the only manufacturer having laser-driven moving heads approved for the worldwide tours.
Specifically for the United States, Claypaky has implemented a Xtylos programme to support customers in getting the authorisation by the FDA through the issuance of their own variance,

multiverse-show-babyMultiverse DMX/RDM included in ColorSource V
Tuesday, 15 November 2022

USA - City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is now included as a standard feature in all three new ColorSource V fixtures, launched worldwide via ETC’s launch event on 10 November.
The ColorSource V product family provides a range of LED luminaires that bring a richness of colour, increased brightness, and leading technology at an affordable price point to live entertainment lighting professionals. The integration of Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology into these new ColorSource V products comes as part of the strategic direction to make Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology and its benefits, including flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, available to a wider range of live entertainment end users.
“Whether you’re making the next blockbuster film or the next middle school theatre production, Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM solves problems for shows of all levels,” said Luke Delwiche, ETC entertainment market manager. “As the ColorSource V product family and other ETC product families grow, we continue to see Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology as an integral feature for our end users.”
Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is currently offered as onboard wireless DMX technology native to many ETC light fixtures as part of an OEM manufacturing partnership. In addition to the recently launched ColorSource V light fixtures, including the ColorSource Spot V, ColorSource Fresnel V, and ColorSource Spot VXT, which is coming soon, Multiverse wireless DMX comes as standard onboard technology in ETC’s Source Four

optimalaudio-webapp-1Optimal releases WebApp and Zone updates
Tuesday, 15 November 2022

UK - Optimal Audio has released the latest update to its WebApp and Zone firmware, furthering the flexibility and features that enable the simplicity of set up and operation of its commercial audio eco-system.
Zone is a series of zonal audio controllers with DSP and advanced configuration via WebApp. They are easy to install, intuitive to operate and comprise 4 or 8 zone powered and non-powered versions. WebApp brings the technology behind the Zone controller series to the end-user. Traditionally, the control and operation of commercial sound systems has been a complicated inconvenience to many users, who just want the system to work. WebApp puts all the functionality that an installer requires, as well as the ability to then present effortless and intuitive control, into the hands of the end-user.
With touchscreen-optimised controls, the WebApp is designed for ease of use on any device. The responsive and intuitive interface lays out the fundamental controls in a clean, accessible format with the deeper, lockable layers for system configuration available for integrators and system commissioners.
Complete system configuration can be achieved through the WebApp with ducking, EQs, limiters, advanced signal routing, programmable presets, timed events and much more. WebApp also allows for the system configuration files within Zone series products to be saved and easily replicated across multi-site installations.
Version 1.0 is now available to download from Optimal Audio’s website and offers extensive new features, audio settings and improved us

macbook-pro-running-panlab-3panLab 3 app adds further features
Tuesday, 15 November 2022

UK - Innovate Audio has announced panLab 3, a major update to their spatial sound design and mixing tool. Available immediately as a macOS app, panLab 3 is an intuitive and user-friendly spatial audio tool, designed to integrate seamlessly with QLab.
Using panLab 3, users can intuitively mix QLab audio and mic cues by positioning them on a virtual map of their sound system. Using a bespoke algorithm designed exclusively for the software, panLab 3 takes care of much of the setup process required when configuring a spatial audio environment. As a result of this technological development, users should be up and running with panLab 3 in under five minutes.
panLab 3 can now seamlessly process multichannel audio inputs, with each channel of a multichannel audio file represented by its own position on the panner. This means it is now possible to render almost any multichannel audio format onto any custom loudspeaker layout. The new multichannel algorithm also allows users to easily adjust the width and angle of any multichannel audio file on the panner.
panLab 3 now offers the user granular control when pasting parameters from one cue to another, so it is possible to either completely match the position and output level parameters of a cue, or just paste certain characteristics from one cue to another.
It also adds support for QLab 5, whilst maintaining backwards compatibility with QLab 4 and now autosaves documents in the background and includes support for reverting to previously saved versions of the document.
“We used panLab 3 for mixing

maverick-storm-2-profileChauvet issues Storm watch for LDI
Tuesday, 15 November 2022

USA - LDI visitors to Chauvet Professional at booth 2243 will have no trouble figuring out where the latest additions to the Maverick Storm series stand when it comes to output and performance.
Making their world debut at LDI this year, the Maverick Storm 4 Profile and Storm 2 Profile feature a lumen output of 62,255 and 28,000 respectively. Like their stable mate, the previously introduced Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash, which will also be shown at LDI, the new hard-edged profiles were designed to provide a quieter, more reliable performance in a lighter weight package.
“We have been in the forefront of developing IP65 rated fixtures in response to the demand from our customers who want more versatile products that can be used indoors or out,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “However, we’ve always recognised that an IP65 rating alone isn’t enough, which is why we’ve worked to design the best possible performance features into the Maverick Storm series.”
Reflecting this philosophy, the Maverick Storm 4 Profile and Strom 2 Profile are loaded with features like variable CMY and CTP colour mixing, a 4-blade framing shutter system with rotation (as well as full black out), a colour wheel, 10:1 zoom and dual prisms -- two rotating for the Storm 4, one rotating and one static for the Storm 2.
Powered by a 1,250-watt LED, the Maverick Storm 4 Profile has CRI and CTB filters on its colour wheel for greater flexibility. Also adding to the fixture’s versatility is its animation wheel, which excels at creating kinetic textured effects. Ot

Renkus-Heinz renames PCX Series as UBX
Monday, 14 November 2022

USA - Renkus-Heinz is renaming its new PCX Series as the UBX Series to address a trademark issue that emerged after the product was initially named and launched.
Because of its strong support of trademark and copyright law and its legacy of integrity in the audio industry, Renkus-Heinz decided to rename the UBX Series after being recently alerted to the trademark issue. UBX stands for UniBeam Passive, highlighting Renkus-Heinz’s all-new Passive UniBeam Technology featured in the UBX Series passive column loudspeakers.
Utilising the same complex steering algorithms from the company’s flagship Iconyx columns, the UBX Series’ new Passive UniBeam Technology delivers ‘pristine sound and consistent coverage with minimal distortions or side lobe artifacts.’

lynxproaudioraimbow3dsound-systems-1Lynx Pro Audio Rainbow software goes 3D
Monday, 14 November 2022

Spain - Lynx Pro Audio has announced the availability of Rainbow 3D, its electro-acoustical prediction software for loudspeaker systems, boasting ‘comprehensive high-speed simulation in a three-dimensional environment’.
Building on the company’s existing 2D software and led by Raúl Jordán from Lynx Pro Audio’s R&D department, Rainbow 3D has been coded from scratch in a five-year in-house development process. In tandem with this, over the course of this year new spherical measurements of the company’s full loudspeaker portfolio have been performed in their recently built anechoic chamber.
Carlos Matalí, R&D manager, notes: “Although 5-degree polar resolution is commonly used, products such as line array modules generate extremely narrow beams at high frequencies, so we use two degrees for those. This means measuring and storing exponentially more data points, but significantly improves calculation accuracy.”
Ben Sinclair, sales director adds: “While accurate simulation is obviously the main goal here, being able to quickly put together a visually detailed and attractive project that the customer can better relate to is certainly also a big plus”.
Extensive productivity tools such as copy and paste, duplication with offset, and drag-and-drop are provided. Each corner in a 4-vertex plane is independently definable as sloped or round with selectable radiuses, which opens the ability to use a single plane for complex shapes such as octagons, circles, semi-circles, or stages with curved front edge and slanted back.

proteus-rayzor-1960Elation Proteus Rayzor 1960 now shipping
Monday, 14 November 2022

USA - When lighting designers are looking for a workhorse washlight but also want something novel to add to their designs they often turn to the Proteus Rayzor 760, Elation’s popular LED wash, mid-air, and specialty effect light in one. Now available and shipping is the Proteus Rayzor 1960, a more powerful big brother that ‘opens up its distinct visual qualities to shows and productions of every scale’. With the power to handle long-throw applications, the Proteus Rayzor 1960 is part of Elation’s Proteus line of IP65 luminaires for use under adverse conditions and in any environment.
The Proteus Rayzor 1960 is driven by 19 x 60W RGBW LEDs - all independently controllable. The fixture produces an intense and well-defined beam of over 18000 lumens. It can zoom tight to 5ﹾ for a very narrow collimated beam or spread wide to 55ﹾ for even stage coverage. The Zoom Overdrive allows the zoom to move past the optical system’s narrowest point, providing extremely narrow collimated beams for impressive aerial effects and extra punch.
The unit’s RGBW colour mixing offers a wide range of saturated colours, pastel shades and several unique colour macros are included for programming convenience. The fixture comes with a selection of linear colour temperature pre-sets from 2,700-8,000K which combined with the abundance of colour possibilities makes the Proteus Rayzor 1960 an excellent colour matching unit. Dimming of the LED engine is smooth and stepless with variable 16-bit dimming curve modes available to suit any application.
With its 19 cells a

robe-ldi-2022-preview-iforteRobe brings iForte moving lights to LDI 2022
Monday, 14 November 2022

USA - Robe is back at LDI 2022 in Las Vegas, action-packed with a range of new products and lighting technologies on Booth 1943.
New products shown at a US expo for the first time will include Robe’s iForte moving light and the iForte FS (follow spot) luminaire - both IP65 versions of the original Forte.
Also shown will be the TX1 PosiProfile, which combines the worlds of manual and automated lighting into a single fixture.
Robe’s expanding iSeries of weatherized products also includes the iSpiider LED wash beam and iBeam 250TM which will join the iForte on Booth 1943.
These iSeries fixtures will be integrated into a vibrant Robe live entertainment concept, the All Environments show, complete with a specially created lightshow presented in a purpose-built area.
Other current products presented will be the new Painte and TetraXTM – a 360-degree continuous rotation LED bar – plus Robe’s popular LEDBeam 350TM and the ABTT Award-winning T11TM series, a three-into-one generic lighting solution for theatres and venues.
Dedicated demonstration areas on the booth will facilitate in-depth product examinations.
The lively Robe stand will be additionally enhanced with the presence of architectural lighting brand Anolis which will have its own space on the booth and be highlighting the new CalummaTM range, alongside the popular Anolis AmbianeTM and EminereTM product ranges. All of which are relevant to a plethora of crossover entertainment and architainment projects and scenarios.
Robe will also be active on the

astera-runtimeextenderAstera launches RuntimeExtender accessory
Friday, 11 November 2022

Europe - Wireless LED lighting specialist Astera has launched the RuntimeExtender – a ‘battery plate’ tool for lighting techs working with Astera products in all sectors including live shows and events.
RuntimeExtender is compatible with most Astera products – Titan, Helios & Hyperion Tubes, HydraPanel, PixelBrick, etc – and allows connection to an external battery so spare camera batteries can be used to power the Astera units in situations where the internal batteries might run out e.g., protracted shoots, longer running events where longer than standard run times are required for the lights.
This could be on video shoots, live or streaming / hybrid events and conferences, and especially when some Astera fixtures might be positioned in inaccessible and challenging places.
When the connected lights are running at low level or switched off, the internal battery will also be recharging from this connection, allowing batteries to be swapped during the shoot so the lights can be used indefinitely.
The most common camera batteries are currently the V-Mount battery and in some regions, the Gold Mount battery, so Astera RuntimeExtender is offered in two versions for customers to choose either of these two options.
V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries are available in different voltages, so the RuntimeExtender supports two popular battery types, 14.4V and 26V.
The batteries can be connected via the Astera power / data cable which most customers will already have, and Astera now has a 1.5m cable which is included in the Runtime

halcyon-familyETC introduces HES Halcyon and ColorSource V
Friday, 11 November 2022

USA ETC has introduced High End Systems Halcyon and extended the ColorSource family with the addition of ColorSource V.
Created to meet the needs of rental operations, theatres, and opera houses, Halcyon is a family of framing fixtures designed for ‘the exacting demands of lighting production’. Offering reduced cost, reduced weight, and increased output, Halcyon fixtures are ‘engineered to fit into every spec for every design’.
Offering matching feature sets and performance across all fixtures, the Halcyon range consists of Gold, Titanium, and Platinum. Halcyon Gold outputs 31,000 lumens and is ideal for short to medium throw applications. Designed for medium to long throws, Titanium outputs 40,000 lumens. And for the most extreme light at the farthest distances, Platinum offers light output at 54,000 lumens, with 70,000 lumens in boost mode. With a new industrial design, each Halcyon fixture is smooth and sleek enough to blend into your rig.
Halcyon has two LED engine options for maximum versatility. Halcyon’s color mixing system uses tighter, next-gen gradient dichroics and a linear mixing curve supported by ETC’s renowned color science for smooth and even colours, both in and out of focus.
A new, custom selected package of patterns brings a full library of aerials, rotational effects, breakups, diffusion, and prisms. ETC’s Trifusion system brings a wide range of diffusion with a single control channel, maintaining maximum output and even frost distribution across the field, and a smooth transition from a sharp edge all the w

purple-patch-d25VDC launches Van Damme Purple Patch D25
Thursday, 10 November 2022

UK - VDC has extended its popular Purple Patch range with a D25 version. Created in response to customer demand, the PPD25 is both designed and manufactured in the UK and incorporates features that cater for modern day needs, including fully-programmable ‘normalling’ options inclusive of ‘full-normalling, half-normalling, parallel and no normalling settings which are adjustable whilst the patch remains terminated.’ Plus, individual earthing selection for all patch points, allowing for phantom power and unbalanced signal pass through.
PPD25 features a no compromise steel chassis and aircraft-grade aluminium construction. It also offers: individual jack modules, copper-nickel-silver alloy leaf springs with solid gold crossbar switching contacts and nickel-plated sleeve bushings; 110 Ohm impedance with low return loss; and 30,000 insertion/removal cycles minimum.
Aimed primarily at recording studios, theatres with recording facilities and broadcasting houses, Purple Patch has been designed to make Van Damme affordable to all levels of users.
Nick Chmara, VDC’s technical director, comments: “Studios often have D25 assemblies, so we had a number of enquiries after we launched our Purple Patch E56 for a D25 version. As soon as we knew there was market demand, we set about extending our range and now have stock available. We expect that this will be very popular as it clearly fills a gap in the market.”

nx1-with-nxk-and-nxpObsidian highlights versatile NX1 at LDI 2022
Wednesday, 9 November 2022

USA - Obsidian Control Systems is returning to the LDI show in Las Vegas 18-20 November and invites designers, programmers and operators to Booth #1142 to sample a host of new releases that includes several new lighting control products under the Onyx lighting control platform.
Visitors will have a chance to demo the new NX1, a scalable, full-featured lighting console that offers the complete Onyx experience without compromises in an ultra-compact package. The NX1 offers a slate of professional features and is built from the latest in industrial components. A compact, motorized fader wing, the NX P, as well as a small USB-powered control surface for Onyx, the NX K, both suitable companions to the NX1 console, will also be on display.
The latest developments in the Onyx platform will also be featured, from powerful NDI video input connectivity to new fixture parameter configuration options. New devices in Obsidian’s easy-to-configure Netron data distribution line will also be on hand for detailed inspection.
The NX P is a compact, motorized fader wing for the Onyx platform. As an expansion for any ONYX 1 console and ONYX PC systems, it replicates the full playback section of the NX1. Four integrated DMX ports provide instant connectivity to the lighting system. Multiple NX P wings can be connected to any Onyx console or PC system, expanding direct access with 20 playbacks at a time.
The NX K is a small USB-powered control surface for Onyx. It replicates the full keypad and command section of larger consoles. Four encoders complete the progra

rean-power-x-seriesRean releases Power X Series connectors
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

UK - Rean has launched the Power X Series ‘ruggedized’ power connector harsh environment power connector series. Molded from V0 raw materials and rated to UL 94V-0, the IP65 certified Power X Series provides high levels of fire retardant, dust and moisture resistant protection.
A CBC connector – a connector with breaking capacity – Power X Series components are certified according to EN/UL 60320-1, with the cable connectors accepted as a component for cord sets according to IEC 60799, ensuring true mains breaking capability.
Power X Series is also certified as fully compatible with Neutrik powerCON True1 products.
Rean product manager Tommy Huang says. “As a world-leading provider of connectors to the entertainment production industry, Rean’s Power X Series offers an amazing feature set at an unrivalled cost-performance point, providing for smart efficiencies across a wide range of audio, lighting, video, film and TV broadcast applications.”

amx-jetpackAMX by Harman introduces Jetpack
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced AMX Jetpack, a 3x1 switching, transport, and control solution that’s ‘highly affordable for K12 classrooms and meeting spaces’. The kit features simple to operate room controls, multiple 4K60 video inputs, and enables voice lift for clear communication with everyone in the space.
Jetpack combines 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI and USB-C video switching and distance transport, room control, wallplate accessibility, and audio amplification in a kit that requires zero programming and provides security and reliability. The kit is fully loaded to support a wide range of classroom and meeting space applications and can be controlled through panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, a REST API, a Web GUI, and the Jetpack Management PC tool.
“We are really excited to finally be able to bring Jetpack to the market,” said Jeff Burch, Harman Professional Solutions, director of video and control. “There has been an incredible need in K12 and small meeting spaces for a kit that is both truly cost effective and that bundles all the features that these spaces can typically benefit from and will actually use. We designed Jetpack to present all kinds of possibilities for spaces and users and we built it to be really versatile to serve a wide range of needs.”


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