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lasergridTarm Showlaser launches Lasergrid
Thursday, 22 February 2018

Europe - Laser presentations specialist Tarm Showlaser has launched Lasergrid, which combines a number of single laser units with one single-coloured laser source, one or more power supply units and accessories.
The single laser units are flexible to install and can be utilised on a ceiling, wall, on a truss or daisy-chained in a horizontal and/or vertical line.
Each laser module generates a linear beam and all modules together form a laser grid with parallel laser beams.
Each laser unit can be individually controlled by DMX (dimming). Number and design of the single components can be individually customised.
The power supply provides the necessary supply voltage for all connected modules in one chain as well as the DMX interface for DMX control. The connection of daisy chained emergency stop systems is possible.
Approximately 10 laser modules with connecting cables of 3m to 5m length can be connected to one power supply unit.
(Jim Evans)

digico-editorDiGiCo releases S-Series Offline Editor
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

UK - Continuing its expansion of the popular S Series console functionality, UK digital live mixing specialist DiGiCo has announced the release of the new S-Series Offline Editor.
The S-Series Offline Editor is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and can be used for both S21 and S31 console sessions. It comes with a familiar, high-resolution console screen interface and an on-screen help facility. Parameter control is via a mouse wheel and a new control strip along with a quick navigation facility, which can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. Template sessions are also provided for common DMI card / Rack setups.
“The S Series Offline Editor gives S-Series users the same ability to work on session files offline as they currently have with the SD Series,” says Roger Wood DiGiCo’s Head of Software Development. “This means that a whole show file can be written away from site and simply transferred to the console.”
The Offline S-Series editors are now directly available on the Offline Software page on the DiGiCo website.
(Jim Evans)

mod-seriesADJ introduces modular LED par design
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

USA - ADJ has introduced its latest range of professional LED par fixtures, the MOD Series. Each of the four new models offers a different LED light-source, suitable for a wide variety of applications, but they all feature the same innovative modular casing design which takes LED par flexibility to a new level, says the company.
These pars are ‘modular’ in two different ways. First, the main body moves – pulling the LEDs inside the casing – so that a snoot can be quickly and easily created to eliminate side glare if required in a particular situation. Second, the black metal outside casing can easily be removed and replaced with a pearl white housing kit (sold separately). This means that production companies and rental houses can invest in just one set of LED pars but have the flexibility of using them in either white or black depending on the requirements of each event or project.
Four fixtures make up the MOD Series, each with the same pioneering design but with a different configuration of LEDs. The entry-level MOD QA60 features four 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBA LEDs for a total power output of 60W. Offering a diverse palette of colours, this affordable fixture is designed for a wide variety of stage, dancefloor and architectural lighting duties.
For larger venues and productions when increased brightness is required, the MOD QW100 boasts a total of seven 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs creating a total power output of 105W. The use of a white LED element for this model in place of the amber featured on the QA60 allows for intense cool white washes of l

sennheiserSennheiser showcases Digital 6000 at Daytime TPi
Monday, 19 February 2018

UK - As part of Sennheiser’s involvement with this year’s TPi Awards on 26 February, the company will be showcasing its Digital 6000 wireless microphone system at Daytime TPi.
The Digital 6000 Series is fast becoming an essential part of many rental companies’ inventories, with Britannia Row, Stage Sound Services, SSE, Adlib, Capital Sound and Skan PA all having recently invested in substantial systems.
Using the same long-range mode and proprietary Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec as the top-of-the-range Digital 9000 Series, Digital 6000 comprises a two-channel receiver in two different versions, a bodypack and a handheld transmitter, as well as a rack-mount 19” charging unit.
“Those attending Daytime TPi will be able to experience the outstanding abilities of Digital 6000 and we’ll have a range of capsules for them to try,” says Sennheiser channel sales manager Kevin Gwyther-Brown, who will be on hand throughout, along with artist relations manager, Jack Drury. “We’ll also be delighted to talk through our Digital 6000 0% finance deal with anyone who wants to know more about it.”
Sennheiser is also sponsoring the Favourite Sound Rental Company category at the Awards.
(Jim Evans)

k-eyeClaypaky's K-EYE HCR marks ‘new era for LED’
Monday, 19 February 2018

Europe - Claypaky's new K-EYE HCR range of lighting fixtures takes LED light quality to its highest peak of performance yet, giving lighting designers and directors access to CRI values never before achieved by an LED fixture, says the company.
With Claypaky's high colour rendering (HCR) algorithm, colours and textures of costumes and props retain richness and scenic finishes show off a depth and lustre never seen before under LED light. Skin tones appear more natural and in a world where entertainment is increasingly seen up-close and personal through the eye of a lens, the K-EYE HCR technology ensures performances are lit with integrity.
The HCR algorithm, newly developed by Osram and Claypaky, ensures the K-EYE HCR family of wash lights deliver an unprecedented degree of control over the quality of white or coloured light. The white light that the fixture produces has been heralded by some lighting designers as the 'closest to tungsten outside of the conventional lighting fixtures'.
Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum comments, "We know that our most demanding customers, particularly in the sectors of television, film and theatre, have long felt the need for a lighting tool that differed from others in the marketplace for the 'quality' of the light it produced. Achieving this desired 'quality' is no simple matter. Light quality is the sum of multiple factors, including diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features and, most of all, a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed HCR technology.

eawEAW releases major software updates
Monday, 19 February 2018

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced the release of major upgrades to Resolution 2 and EAWmosaic software.
EAW Resolution 2, a simulation software that accurately predicts the performance of EAW loudspeakers within a venue, can now import external images as plan and sections views to aid the building of Resolution models from architectural drawings. For Adaptive system users, the new Adaptive Health Display assembles all available system health information in one place and provides guidance for action and easy one click healing.
EAWmosaic, the software app that offers design, prediction and system optimisation for EAW’s RADIUS family of loudspeakers, can now run natively on both Mac OS and iOS operating systems. This upgrade makes it even more convenient for system integrators and production houses to utilise the software, helping users to virtually model, forecast and evaluate a loudspeaker system’s performance for any user-defined venue. It will also predict direct SPL levels throughout the virtual venue and perform rigging calculations to ensure that a design is safe for the application.
Louie King, marketing & communications manager at EAW, says: “These updates are the result of listening to our partners, watching them work and using that experience to improve the effectiveness of our software in what they do every day. With systems that are so tightly integrated, there is huge opportunity for advancement through just software and firmware updates. By regularly capturing feedback and reiterating on it, we are able to incre

lcv59Lightconverse v59 adds HD video capture
Monday, 19 February 2018

UK - The latest release of the Lightconverse 3D show platform promises to the market “a level of previously unseen 3D resolution quality and multiple new features of the award-wining software, used for high-tech show visualisation and simulation of lighting, video and special effects”.
Along with increased GUI and 3D resolution, users can now capture a high-resolution video of their work along with high-res screenshots. There is no need for any extra video-capturing software or hardware thus making it even easier to show clients’ highly detailed show creations. This feature allows for high-quality and full-colour mp4 offline rendering of online recorded DMX, video and media in, resulting in a cinematographic quality video.
Another anticipated addition is a built-in Light Meter, used to make calculations of centre weighted lux levels on the surface and generation of LUX-Maps with high-quality print-outs.
Other new capabilities of v59 include four camera view pre-sets for main screen; extended colour dynamics plus luminance corrected gamma and other HDR operations; precise Equidistant mode for wide camera views; roll and Iris parameters for camera; and HTC Vive along with Oculus Rift support.
(Jim Evans)

vantec20a43hiD.A.S. expands Vantec powered system range
Friday, 16 February 2018

Spain - D.A.S. Audio has announced the launch of two new products, the Vantec-20A and the Vantec-118A, which join the Vantec Series line-up of portable systems.
The Vantec-20A is an active curved source line array that incorporates an arsenal of hi-tech solutions designed to provide the versatility today's sound hire professionals need.
Whether stacked on the powered Vantec-118A companion subwoofer, flown in a compact array, or used alone on a speaker stand, the Vantec-20A can be used effectively in a sizable number of applications that include corporate A/V, mid-size sound reinforcement, and permanent installation.
Designed for use in arrays of up to five units, the Vantec-20A is designed for applications that don't require the power and long-throw characteristics of large line arrays. The D.A.S. Click-LockTM rigging hardware enables the system to be securely stacked on, or flown from, the Vantec-118A. Individual units can be mounted on tripods with precise aiming possible, thanks to the variable angle pole mount that allows for up to 13.5º of up or down tilt.
The Vantec-20A employs the DAScontrol interface, which offers “a quick and hassle-free setup of the systems in arrays and easy alignment with the Vantec-18A and Vantec-118A active bass systems without the need of external processing”. Presets for array size and HF compensation for throw distances can be selected by way of DAScontrol and the LCD screen on the back of the cabinet.
The Vantec-118A is an active front-loaded bass system that has been designed specifically for use

mg10xufmg12xuk-rYamaha extends MG console range
Thursday, 15 February 2018

Europe - Yamaha has announced the addition of MG10XUF and MG12XUK mixing consoles to the popular MG Series line-up.
MG Series mixers are compact, easy-to-use solutions for small-to-medium scale event and live performance applications. Since being first introduced in 2003, they have become standard equipment at many venues, with refinements and upgrades continuing to expand their suitability for a wide spectrum of sound reinforcement situations. The sonic quality, design and reliability of the third-generation MG series (released in 2014) has enjoyed particular worldwide acclaim.
The new MG10XUF and MG12XUK models add broader choice to the popular 10 and 12 channel categories within the third-generation MG Series line-up. While the adoption of linear faders in the MG10XUF offers fine level control and direct visual feedback, the MG12XUK employs rotary controls which mean the console has more compact overall dimensions. With the release of these new models, users gain greater freedom to choose configurations that best suit their individual needs.
All models feature Yamaha's state-of-the-art discrete Class-A ‘D-PRE’ microphone preamplifiers. These studio-grade preamps utilise inverted Darlington circuitry to deliver outstanding sonic quality with ample power at low impedance.
The new models also feature a USB 2.0 audio interface capable of 24-bit/192kHz quality for playback of digital content from a PC and/or recording of the mixer’s output to DAW software, such as the included Steinberg Cubase AI. USB Audio Class 2.0 is also supported.

albert-one-4EVAC packs a punch at ISE 2018
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Netherlands - For the fourth year, 4EVAC enjoyed a successful ISE with interest from across mainland Europe for its innovative systems: the COMPACT 500 and LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM).
Both systems set a precedent in line with today’s modern demands for installation efficiency as cost effective solutions either as stand-alone units or as a complementary integrated solution.
4EVAC also previewed its new IMPACT system at ISE 2018. Set to bring 4EVAC’s COMPACT 500 technology into a 19” rack mountable solution, the IMPACT expands the capacity of 4EVAC’s commitment to de-mystify VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) cleverly combining the SW6 DIN-rail zone extender modules.
The success of the COMPACT 500 lies in its compact footprint and modular design. It offers seamless integration as a ‘lean & mean’ solution that’s set apart as a ‘system in a box’.
It packs a punch providing all the benefits of a stand-alone system, but also combines global network topology to offer an infinitely configurable modular solution that meets the most challenging contemporary demands.
The LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM) integrates 4EVAC’s patented technology to deliver an increased availability and reliability of evacuation loudspeaker lines installed using the return-loop principle.
Detecting and isolating a loudspeaker failure in a faulty section in the loop in-between any two FIMs ensures maximum performance of the remaining loudspeakers on that same loop.
Albert Van Der Hout, business

PixelFLEX and Vectorworks forge partnership
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

USA - In an effort to “better provide ready-to-use LED video solutions for your entertainment, architectural and commercial designs”, PixelFLEX reports that it has joined the Vectorworks, Inc. software content community. The design symbols, images and specifications for the PixelFLEX FLEXTour, FLEXLite Plus and FLEXCurtain HD video solutions, including accessories, will be available for download in all Vectorworks CAD and BIM design programmes beginning in March.
“As we have continued to expand our LED video solutions into a multitude of different markets, it has become imperative that we provide designers with the tools necessary to quickly complete their designs,” said Jon Chavez, technical director at PixelFLEX. “We have been very fortunate to have many talented professionals incorporate our solutions into their design portfolios, and our partnership with Vectorworks will only allow them to further their creativity.”
“LED video walls are arguably the fastest growing part of the live event world,” said Chris Baccala, content development manager at Vectorworks. “This partnership with PixelFLEX will give Vectorworks users a massive advantage in accuracy, speed and flexibility in designing events and installs, as well as retail and hospitality projects.”
(Jim Evans)

ax6cISE 2018: Axiom releases column line array
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

The Netherlands - Axiom Pro Audio introduced two new loudspeaker products in its AX series of line array products at the ISE show in Amsterdam.
One year after launching the AX12C column array at ISE2017 the Italian-made professional loudspeaker brand has shown the AX6C, a new column array consisting of six 3.5” cone drivers housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure that is half the height of the larger AX12C.
Designed for mobile and installed applications where high power and clarity are needed, the AX6C’s line array characteristics are enhanced by natural cardioid behaviour which reduces output behind the speaker.
In a further evolution of the original AX12C design, Axiom presented for the first time at ISE the AX12LF low frequency loudspeaker housed in the same sized enclosure as the AX12C, making it the perfect low frequency extension complement in corporate and fixed installation applications. Its 12 x 3.5" cone drivers are transmission line back loaded for natural cardioid behaviour resulting in controlled dispersion throughout its 90Hz to 200Hz frequency range.
Also new for ISE2018 was the CX14A, a very compact powered stage monitor directly derived from the successful CX15A that uses a 14” coaxial driver to deliver high (131dB peak output) power density with conical 80° x 80° conical dispersion in a significantly reduced footprint. The space-saving monitor is powered by a Class D amplifier with SMPS, and doubles as a FOH loudspeaker thanks to its side-mounted dual angle pole holder.
(Jim Evans)

av-beyond-the-boxISE 2018: Kramer extends presentation portfolio
Friday, 9 February 2018

The Netherlands - Kramer Electronics has launched a new addition to its extensive and innovative portfolio, a family of integrated AV presentation systems, showcasing now at ISE 2018.
Kramer's VS-88UT and VS-622DT consolidate multiple AV functionalities into a single presentation system. Both systems feature matrix switching, HDBaseT 2.0 range extension, room control, and outstanding audio capabilities all in a compact form factor that unclutters the rack.
Installation and maintenance is simplified as both solutions eliminate the need to attach additional extenders. Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers added flexibility. The VS-622DT is further enhanced by the Kramer Maestro room automation software for a customized user experience which requires minimal end-user intervention.
VS-88UT is suitable for executive boardrooms, hotels, multi-purpose divisible spaces, video conferencing applications, visitor centres and showrooms. VS-622DT is designed for small to mid-sized meetings spaces.
“These products represent a whole new level in Kramer’s line of presentation systems, which is all about cost effectiveness for both system integrators and end users”, said Aviv Ron, VP business development & strategy for Kramer. “These innovative, all-in-one, complete solutions for routing audio, 4K video, control and data deliver excellent user experience at extremely attractive price points.”
(Jim Evans)

ds100vorderseiteISE 2018: First d&b Soundscape partners announced
Friday, 9 February 2018

The Netherlands - Audio technology specialist d&b audiotechnik has announced the first integrations of the DS100 Signal Engine. The integrations, with QLab by Figure 53 and TTA Stagetracker II by TTA, as well as with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) systems in either VST or AU formats, demonstrate that the DS100 is open to integration to deliver the vast benefits of the d&b Soundscape, says the company.
The processing core of the d&b Soundscape system, the DS100 Signal Engine, is a high-performance audio processor with Audinate Dante networking and a powerful 64x64 level and delay matrix with extensive in- and output processing. The DS100 can integrate with industry standard consoles and show control systems, as well as replay and tracking systems, via the AES70 (OCA) and Open Sound Control (OSC) protocols.
Georg Stummer, DS100 product manager at d&b audiotechnik, says, “With acoustic emulation and object-based mixing now made a reality by the d&b Soundscape, of course we want to make its possibilities as widely available as we can, including through partnerships with other technology companies.”
QLab, by Figure 53, is a show control and playback software used in professional show environments worldwide, from small venues to major broadcast events. The forthcoming release of QLab, v4.2, will incorporate DS100 functionality into Network Cues and offer access to a number of DS100 functions, such as sound object positions, gain, delay and EQ, with further functions available in future updates.
In addition to QLab, the d&

sslliftingtheveilprSSL releases white paper
Thursday, 8 February 2018

UK - SSL has published a new white paper entitled Lifting the Veil: The Science Behind the SSL Sound - an exploration of the technology behind the legendary SSL Sound, and the answer to the question 'Why do SSLs sound so good?'.
Lifting the Veil details the research and development that goes into SSL's creative, benchmark products in the studio, live, and broadcast industries - from SuperAnalogueTM to the Tempest digital audio engine as used in SSL’s latest Live and System T consoles.
Antony David, managing director of Solid State Logic, comments: “’Lifting the Veil is a response to a question we get asked a thousand times: ‘Why do SSL consoles sound better?’. Spoiler alert: there is no secret sauce or single special piece of technology. In truth it’s the result of an approach to design and manufacture that is deep within the DNA of the company. The article attempts to summarise how the different aspects of what we do come together to produce the magic.”
(Jim Evans)

soundscapeISE 2018: d&b Soundscape ‘opens world of creativity’
Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Netherlands - Based on an audio system processor and two software modules, the d&b Soundscape opens up a whole world of creativity, says the company. The product “marks the beginning of a new era of sound experience - for the sound designer, for the engineer, for the artist and for the audience”.
Almost five years in development and with extensive field testing by some of the world’s leading artists and venues, d&b Soundscape changes the approach to live sound mixing and system design. What has long been an exercise in managing limitations now becomes a process that is freely creative, far from the restrictions of mix busses and stereo imaging, this new technology allows the creation of sound system designs with which acoustic environments can be created and sound sources placed and moved.
“Soundscape fulfils a devotion we’ve had for decades,” says Ralf Zuleeg, head of sales services and application engineering at d&b audiotechnik, and the driving force behind the development of d&b Soundscape. “The question has always been, ‘How do we give the same natural, authentic listening experience to every member of the audience?’ Soundscape allows us to do that. It’s the truest case of the d&b goal of ‘Democracy for Listeners’.”
The core of the d&b Soundscape is the DS100 Signal Engine, a high-performance audio processor with Audinate Dante networking and a powerful 64x64 level and delay matrix with extensive in- and output processing.
The full potential of d&b Soundscape is accessed via two op

ipx20-4ISE 2018: Dynacord debuts fixed install power amps
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Dynacord has followed the successful premiere of C series amplifiers with the IPX series multi-channel power amplifiers incorporating OMNEO IP networking architecture. IPX series embodies several proprietary amplifier technologies developed by Dynacord engineering.
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the IPX series from Dynacord comprises three 4-channel models and one 8-channel model, offering a power density of 5 kW, 10 kW and even 20 kW from a single amplifier with all channels driven.
With “outstanding audio performance, integration flexibility and reliability”, IPX series amplifiers can cover a wide range of demanding fixed install venues, from concert halls, art centres, theatres, and houses of worship to distributed sound systems in stadiums and entertainment centres.
IPX series offers high flexibility for a variety of installation scenarios. This is ensured by several power drive options utilising Dynacord’s patented VLD (Variable Load Drive) technology as well as the newly developed parallel and bridged parallel operation modes. VLD technology (IPX5:4 and IPX10:8) allows the available output power of 1,250 watts per channel to be used at either 4 or 8 Ohms, or via 70V or 100V lines in direct drive mode.
As installers increasingly utilize existing networks in building infrastructure, relying on IP technology often results in faster system integrations and lower implementation costs — including reduced cabling — for substantial cost savings. The integrated OMNEO interface with a primary and secondary port

x-laser-mercuryX-Laser updates Mercury firmware
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

USA - With beta testing complete, X-Laser USA’s Mercury now includes firmware updates and fixture profiles supporting major lighting control platforms such as Avolites, ChamSys, grandMA, Martin (M-Series and LightJockey), Jands Vista, Elation, and more. X-Laser’s Mercury laser control interface is also now available in X-Laser’s five, 10, 20, 30 and 50-watt Skywriter fixtures.
“We’ve absorbed feedback from several professional lighting and laser designers, regarding Mercury and how we can make it the most useful to the most people in the live design world,” Adam Raugh, president of X-Laser USA, said. “With that feedback, we have created several training videos, new console profiles and plenty of visual material to show designers new and exciting ways to integrate laser more deeply into their shows."
Professional lighting designer Daniel Maxwell of True Grip Lighting in Knoxville, Tennessee, shared his thoughts on Mercury: "The Mercury laser control system is ideal for pro lighting designers because we can basically just plug and play the laser into our console workflow and program it just like a regular beam or wash fixture. It's an exciting step in the lighting world because it makes laser so much easier to integrate, smoothly and rapidly."
As mentioned by Raugh, X-Laser has published new videos showcasing the effects suite of Mercury laser control, as well as its programming workflow.
The newest video, showcasing the Skywriter HPX M-5 five-watt laser fixture, provides a quick visual overview of the most powerful features with

o-lineISE 2018: More powers for Martin Audio O-Line
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Martin Audio’s micro line array, O-Line, has been given extra powers of coverage, consistency and control thanks to the addition of scalable resolution driven by Martin Audio’s new iKON amplifiers and updated DISPLAY array optimisation software.
O-Line has long been famed as a versatile micro line array designed for a wide variety of architectural applications – from houses of worship to transport terminals. In many applications an O-Line array can be driven using only one amplifier channel, with simple EQ and limiting the only processing required.
However, it can now also be taken into a new dimension of coverage, consistency and control when combined with an iKON iK81 eight-channel amplifier with onboard DSP to independently control and power each individual enclosure. This unlocks the full potential of O-Line - further refining coverage consistency and increasing the ability to ‘dial-out’ the influence of the room by accessing Martin Audio’s DISPLAY software functionality. The ‘hard avoid’ capability and electronically adjustable coverage make it ideal for the most difficult acoustic spaces.
This can also enable additional benefits to any installation. More often than not, many installations can suffer from height restrictions and the combination of both mechanical and DSP optimisation can compensate this challenge. There is also the scenario that following an installation something changes in the venue and rather than have to de-rig and re-rig, electronic optimisation alone can provide a level of coverage chan

eawuxseriesISE 2018: EAW adds amplifier solution
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced the debut of the UX Series, a complete amplification and processing solution for install and production applications utilising EAW loudspeakers. The UX series ensures the best possible performance of an EAW sound reinforcement system in a fraction of the time required with other amplifiers through seamless integration of EAW’s Greybox technology and Resolution software, says the company.
“We are excited to provide our customers with an amplifier solution that offers pristine audio quality in an incredibly durable and reliable package,” explains TJ Smith, general manager EAW. “Setup through Resolution software simplifies loading the appropriate Greybox settings and leverages the power of EAW core technologies such as DynO and Focusing while minimizing time spent tuning the system.”
The amplifier series consists of two four-channel amplifiers – the UXA4406 and UXA4410 – as well as the eight-channel UXA4810. These Class D amplifiers offer a combination of power and audio performance integrated with precise 48kHz digital signal processing. The four channel models deliver up to 2,500 watts (5,000 watts bridged), while the UXA4810 delivers 1,250 watts per channel (2,500 watts bridged).
Each amplifier channel can be configured to deliver its maximum power into two, four or eight ohms, nominal loads as well as 25V, 70V & 100V constant Voltage (CV) lines. This offers designers and integrators unparalleled flexibility and cost effectiveness.
The final component of the UX Ser

csd-r7ISE 2018: Yamaha launches latest Rivage
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - ISE 2018 sees Yamaha launching Rivage PM7, a new digital mixing system which offers the Yamaha flagship Rivage PM10 user experience, with integrated portability and flexibility.
The central component of the Rivage PM7 system is the CSD-R7 digital mixing console. The same size as Rivage PM10’s control surface, the CSD-R7 has the DSP engine built in. This delivers enhanced portability and system flexibility, while maintaining high operability and the same exceptional, flexible user experience.
Featuring 120 input channels, 60 mix buses, 24 matrices and a comprehensive selection of 48 top-quality plug-ins, Rivage PM7 provides a similar mixing capacity to Rivage PM10.
A Dual Console function also allows the CSD-R7 to be connected to the Rivage PM10 system CS-R10 or CS-R10-S control surfaces. This means that, for example, a CS-R10-S can be used at Front of House, side-stage for mixing monitors or as a sidecar expansion console, depending on space and system scale requirements.
“The primary goal of ivage PM7 is to offer the same user experience provided by our flagship Rivage PM10 system to a wider range of customers. The Rivage PM10, firmware version 2.0 and the new Rivage PM7 comprise a strong, versatile line-up that can accommodate today’s diversified business needs,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, general manager of Yamaha’s Pro Audio Division.
(Jim Evans)

pt-rq22ISE 2018: Panasonic unveils beyond 4K projector
Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The Netherlands - Panasonic Business has announced a beyond 4K laser-phosphor addition to its projector line-up aimed at live event staging, exhibitions, rental, and permanent installations.
The PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Solid Shine laser projector comes in the same compact dimensions and the same 21,000 centre lumens brightness as the PT-RZ21K series, a WUXGA/SXGA+ projector, but is equipped with 4K+ (5120 x 3200) resolution.
“The PT-RQ22K completes the Panasonic 4K projection line-up, complementing the PT-RQ32K and PT-RQ13K, and meets the demand for a light weight, high-brightness 4K+ projector with film-like image quality, suitable for single or stacked projections,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic.
Heat-resistant phosphor wheels and solid-state laser modules serve vivid 4K+ images with “industry leading brightness, contrast, and accuracy”. The PT-RQ22K also offers BT.2020 emulation and supports premium HDR video content playback.
“We have combined class-leading picture quality and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) by shielding the optical engine with heat-pipe based cooling, eliminating the need for an air filter. The whole projector can operate with no maintenance for very long periods of time, even in dusty environments,” adds Hartmut Kulessa.
Designed for roles where absolute reliability is critical, the PT-RQ22K has a dual light engine, and can switch to a backup video signal instantaneously if a primary source goes down.
(Jim Evans)

gruppe2ISE 2018: HK Audio collaborates with Gräf & Meyer
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Netherlands - HK Audio is presenting the first of its new VORTIS 2 series install speakers developed in collaboration with Gräf & Meyer, a company specialising in evacuation systems, at the 2018 Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.
The outcome of a successful open alliance features prominently in Hall 7, Booth R205 at the event, which is the world’s largest AV systems integration show. These debut VORTIS 2 speakers are certified to EN 54-24:2008 and all future models of this line will follow suit. With this certification from the independent accredited testing institute CNBOP-PIB, these speakers can serve the dual purpose of sound reinforcement and voice alarming.
VORTIS 2 speakers deliver high sound pressure levels and provide the variable directivity needed to satisfy the statutory standards for speech intelligibility even in environments with challenging acoustics and high noise levels.
Fabian Reimann, HK Audio application support engineer and product manager installation, said: “Things soon get complicated in a lot of projects where the requirements for harmonized safety standards, sound reinforcement technology and system integration converge.
“Working with our electronics partner Gräf & Meyer, we want to provide the support technical planners, building services engineers, architects and system integrators need to successfully execute even very complex projects. The first EN 54-24-certified loudspeakers from HK Audio are an important tile in the mosaic on the path to implementing our new service offering.”

choosing-accessoriesCurrent RMS releases Choosing Accessories
Tuesday, 6 February 2018

UK - The first of many seamless updates to Current RMS scheduled for 2018, January saw the release of Choosing Accessories, the most voted for idea on Current’s Customer Wishlist. This new update gives users even more of a chance to forward plan their stock allocation and ensure the right accessories are on a job when they need them.
When selecting products to add to a job, Current now shows the individual accessories linked to these products, plus their real-time availability, all on one screen.
“When I read the update message I was delighted! Choosing Accessories is already streamlining the quoting process, but also ensuring that prep lists in the warehouse are fully correct,” says Neil Walker, from Surrey-based events planning agency MGN Events. Neil and his team have used Current RMS for over two years to manage their business, hiring a range of decor, furniture, audio-visual equipment, lighting and staging for creative corporate and private events. The new update helps them manage their varied kit, especially at the all-important prep stage, where there’s no room for error.
“We transport our equipment in flight cases and it’s important for us to know the overall weight of everything on a job. Without Choosing Accessories, this number would sometimes be under or overestimated and we would have to go back and check that stock had the correct quantity of accessories. Now, it’s much simpler for us to update and to make sure we add on any additional items that might be needed.”
As with all major development updates, Choosing A


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