ADJ expands Encore Burst series
Thursday, 18 July 2019
adj-burstThree new single LED wash fixtures have been added to the series
USA - ADJ has introduced three single LED wash fixtures to its Encore Burst series.
All new models feature IP-rated casing and flexible multi-purpose bracket, but come with LED engines of different intensities.
The Encore Burst 100 IP has a 125W warm white CREE C.O.B LED and a 50° beam angle, making it ideal for use as an audience blinder or general wash fixture. The unit has a colour temperature of 2700K and also offers a dim-to-warm feature that authentically replicates the dimming profile of a traditional halogen lamp light source by introducing a 1200K (amber) low intensity LED element at lower dimmer settings. In addition, the model offers variable speed strobe and pulse effects which add to the flexibility of this professional lighting fixture.
Also designed for use as a wash or audience blinder / strobe effect light, the Encore Burst RGBW IP offers RGBW colour mixing. Harnessing the power of a 150W CREE C.O.B 4-in-1 RGBW LED light source and also offering a wide 50° beam angle, this fixture can be used to bath a stage or crowd in an almost limitless choice of colours as well as for creating powerful multi-coloured strobe effects.
The final new model to be added to the series is the Encore Burst UV IP. This fixture features a high intensity 50W C.O.B. ultraviolet LED, with a wavelength of 365nm, and is designed to fill large areas with UV light. Ideal for concert stages, nightclubs and festivals, as well as theme parks and state fairs, this powerful black light will make white and fluorescent materials glow vibrantly from a considerable distance.
All three fixtures feature the same distinctive die-cast metal housing, which has been designed to withstand the rigors of touring and regular temporary event use. It also offers an IP65 outdoor rating, meaning that it is sealed from liquid, moisture, sand and dust, making the fixtures suitable for safe and reliable use outdoors in any weather. Even when used inside, the fixtures’ protection from dust and other particulates makes for a reduced maintenance cycle and an extended operational life.
“Combining the power-saving and long-life benefits of an LED light source with the classic blinder effect in a flexible and weatherproof case design, the original Encore Burst 200 has proved to be immensely popular,” comments ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “We’re therefore very pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of these three new additions to the Encore Burst line-up.”
The Encore Burst 100 IP, Encore Burst RGBW IP and Encore Burst UV IP are all available now from ADJ USA and are due to arrive at ADJ Europe at the beginning of August.
(Jim Evans)

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