ADJ extends Focus series with moving head spot
Wednesday, 8 July 2020
adj-focusThe Focus Spot 6Z is shipping now worldwide
USA - ADJ has announced the immediate availability of the latest addition to its Focus series of LED-powered moving head luminaires. The Focus Spot 6Z has become the new flagship of the range. It is desigmed for event production, rental and touring applications as well as installation in churches, concert venues and large nightclubs.
The Focus Spot 6Z features a potent 300W cool white LED engine that offers a 50,000-hour operational life. This is paired with a precision-engineered, high-quality optical system to deliver punchy output, allowing for sharp aerial effects and crisp GOBO projections. Offering 50% more LED power than the 200W Focus Spot 4Z and 5Z models, the 6Z has an output of 10,500+ lumens, which represents a significant step up for the Focus Series.
In addition to the brightness, the Focus Spot 6Z is also the most feature-packed model in the range. It offers a diverse collection of beam-shaping tools designed to give lighting designers a huge amount of creative potential. This versatility makes it ideal for rental and event production as well as for installation in venues such as large churches and multipurpose venues where the lighting requirements can change from week-to-week or month-to-month.
The signature feature of the Focus Series is motorised focus, which the Focus Spot 6Z combines with motorised zoom to offer a variable beam angle range of between 9 and 28-degrees. The fixture also includes a motorized iris function, which allows precise control over the size of the spot. In addition, the unit incorporates two frost filter options. The light frost is ideal for taking the hard edge off an open spot or to soft-focus a GOBO, applying a lightly blurred effect while maintaining the integrity and shape of the pattern. Meanwhile, the heavy frost can be used to create a wash-style output.
“Combining a powerful 300W LED light source with an expansive collection of beam shaping tools, the Focus Spot 6Z represents a significant step forward for the ADJ Focus Series,” comments ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “We have developed this fixture to meet the needs of the rental, event production and integration markets for a powerful and versatile moving head spot. Lighting professionals will love this fixture because it not only covers these bases, but also offers the reliable build quality and excellent value that ADJ’s reputation is built on.”

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