ADJ’s Starship takes flight
Wednesday, 28 August 2019
adjThe Starship is available now in the USA and is arriving in Europe from mid-September
USA - The latest addition to ADJ’s range of professional lighting equipment, the Starship, is a modern take on a classic centrepiece effect. Designed for installation in nightclubs, as well as for use as part of mobile lightshows, this fixture features six motorised bars loaded with quad colour LEDs that generate “a myriad of intense moving and colour-changing mid-air beams”.
The Starship’s six motorized bars each offer independent tilt control with a range of 95° and are positioned in a star-shaped configuration extending out from a central hub. Each bar is fitted with four individually-controlled 15W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs, which generate razor-sharp beams that cut through a haze-filled room. The combination of the six independent motors and 24 separate LEDs allows the Starship to create a wide variety of exciting effects that feature a mass of intense beams changing colour and moving in different directions.
The fixture is supplied with a selection of built-in programmes which make full use of its pixel control capabilities as well as its independent tilt motion. This allows for simple plug-and-play operation if required, which will be appealing for applications such as bowling centres, roller rinks and multi-purpose leisure complexes. The fixture also offers full DMX control, with a choice of two channel modes - 22 or 120 - allowing for integration into a larger lightshow within a nightclub or bar.
“Offering a modern take on the classic centrepiece, the new Starship brings the power-saving, low-heat, long-life advantages of LED to this timeless effect,” comments ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Its powerful quad colour LEDs generate strikingly-powerful super-sharp beams which, combined with its six independent tilt movements, allow for the creation of a wide variety of dazzling mid-air effects. A flexible fixture, the Starship is ideal for creating impact at the heart of a nightclub lightshow or large mobile lighting rig.”
The Starship is available now from ADJ USA and will be landing with ADJ Europe in mid-September.
(Jim Evans)

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