Alchemy 7 wins LDI debuting product award
Thursday, 9 December 2021
ldi-alchemy-7-best-product-debut-9The Best Debuting Product Award was given to DTS's Alchemy 7
USA - DTS, the Italian Professional Lighting company has won the prestigious Best Debuting Product Award for the entertainment industry. The Award, hosted during the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas was given to DTS's Alchemy 7, the latest Wash moving head announced by the company in 2021.
Alchemy 7 was designed in order to widen its range and offer a high-power, high-efficiency product.
With a 250mm lens, a two-blade framing system and a 6-LED colour chip, capable of delivering quality light and a wide range of pastel shades, this product was placed on the market with the goal to accommodate to the most demanding requests from lighting designers and directors of photography.
The Best Debuting Product Award was proudly accepted by Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS and Ola Melzig, one of the four founders of Apex Technologies, DTS’s exclusive distributors in North America.
"Coming back to LDI after a long time and being awarded the Best Debuting Product Award in 2021 is a huge achievement for us, especially after two very difficult years for the entertainment industry, says Carmen Savarese
"We're grateful that the judges saw the great potential and strength that make Alchemy 7 a great, innovative product, and we're grateful for our colleagues at DTS, especially the Research and Development team that designed the projecto.
“Finally, I'd like to thank Ola Melzig and the whole Apex technologies team, with whom we recently established an exclusive partnership for the North American market. I believe winning this award marks the beginning of the wonderful journey we embarked upon together, and I look forward to a future full of professional accomplishments.”

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