Altman debuts Genesis lighting console
Friday, 15 May 2020
genesis-console-and-wing-with-color-pickerGenesis offers ‘a user-friendly and affordable solution for the control’
USA - Altman Lighting has introduced the Genesis lighting console.
The desk combines physical fader and touchscreen control and provides advanced programming functionality with features such as Shape FX, Chases, Fan, and Individual Cue Timing. Additionally, the graphical user interface allows control of luminaire parameters via familiar icons, colour picker, movement targets or touch sliders.
For moving light control, pan and tilt are also controlled via the touch pad adding a fine movement control for those critical focus points. The animate feature provides a simple and intuitive way to quickly create chases, sequencing, and patterned attribute control within a single cue.
“Focused on giving programmers of all skill levels the operation simplicity of an instinctive console which boasts high-end features, we are very excited to be releasing Genesis,” adds Pete Borchetta, Altman vice president product innovation. “This product line takes us into a new direction that allows us to broaden the innovative and affordable technology solutions that people in the industry have come to expect from Altman Lighting.”
Genesis control consoles can control up 24 discretely addressed luminaires, each with a physical intensity fader and bump button, and each console is capable of controlling one DMX 512 universe. Additional universes and luminaire counts may be achieved through the connection of an optional Genesis wing, and two Genesis wings may be added to each control console.
(Jim Evans)

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