Artsitic Licence has launched an update to its award-winning Micro-Scope technology. Micro-Scope 3a, which is now shipping, provides a host of new features, many aimed at the forthcoming DMX512-A standard. Terms such as Text Packet, System Information Packet, Alternate Start Code and Network Test will be added to the lighting technician's dictionary when the new standard is launched and Micro-Scope 3a supports them all!

Micro-Scope 3a also provides a range of new features derived from customer feedback. A complete show patch can be downloaded from the new version of Mic-Edit. This allows Micro-Scope 3a to identify each and every channel by both lamp and function. The new version of Mic-Edit also provides a range of new features, including the ability to output DMX via Micro-Scope 3a. This feature alone will greatly speed the task of entering lamp personalities and test patterns. Mic-Edit also features an on-line update facility, allowing automatic download of lamp personalities from the Artistic Licence Web Server. As for the thousands of Micro-Scopes already out there - yes you can upgrade!

(Ruth Rossington)

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