Astera launches colour-tuneable NYX Bulb
Friday, 10 July 2020
astera-nyx-bulb-setNYX Bulbs are available as single units or in sets of eight
LED lighting manufacturer Astera has launched the NYX Bulb - a name inspired by NYX, Greek Goddess of the Night.
NYX Bulb - the same size as a standard LED bulb - is billed as the first colour-tuneable LED bulb for professional film, stage, and event productions. It comes complete with a CRMX receiver for wireless DMX, plus RF and Bluetooth modules for control via the Astera App on a smartphone or Tablet.
NYX Bulb is designed for gaffers, DoPs, lighting and set designers, visual artists and anyone needing feature lighting bulbs. In addition to movie shoots and television studios, it is designed for theatrical sets and for scenic elements on tour shows and live events.
Sized like a regular LED bulb, NYX Bulb can be powered via an E27 socket (E26 in the US version) or with a standard power bank. Due to its compact form, it is the first Astera light source with external battery options (rather than inbuilt).
Its Titan LED engine delivers precise colours and authentic white tones with an ultra-high CRI and TLCI and it emits an impressive 750 Lumens, comparable to a conventional 60W bulb, yet drawing just 10W of power.
Control includes inbuilt LumenRadio wireless DMX which can be run via any lighting console, as well as more locally from the quick and intuitive Astera App.
Currently available through Astera’s global distribution network, NYX Bulbs are available as single units or in sets of eight, complete with a PowerStation inside the case for charging and programming the Bulbs.

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