Audio Performance debuts mini array
Friday, 23 November 2018
dlaThe DLA3 is a one-way full range line array
Switzerland - Audio Performance has introduced the compact DLA3 mini line array & MX15HD-Amp Series.
Two new ‘solution-solving loudspeaker systems’ developed and manufactured in Echallens, the DLA3 and MX Series ‘deliver a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfil the highest demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. They both deliver ultimate sonic performance in a compact, lightweight and multi-purpose package’.
The DLA3 Compact Micro line array loudspeaker is a light, simple and versatile product designed to deliver great sound into small and even large venues.
The DLA3 is a one-way full range line array consisting of two 3” full range cone drivers.
Its specific conception enables the DLA3 to reach down to 150 Hz with a flat frequency response of up to 18kHz+/- 3dB). The versatility of the DLA3 in its micro size allows it to be used in many discreet audio applications.
The MX15-amp with its 15-inch coaxial driver & inbuilt class D amp is capable of delivering two channels of 1,255W into 2Ohms.It is suited to sound reinforcement applications in concert halls, live concerts, auditoriums, conference rooms, and theatres.
(Jim Evans)

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