Linnea Ljungmark forms Topstage and becomes Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Sweden
Sweden - Ayrton has announced the appointment of Topstage – and a familiar face – as its new, exclusive distributor for Sweden.
Linnea Ljungmark will be leaving her position as Ayrton regional sales manager to form a new company, Topstage, which will become the new Ayrton distributor for Sweden from Monday 3 April 2023.
“After years of travelling and working for the international markets, the time is right for me to bring my experience back to Sweden, and distribution is in my DNA,” says Linnea. “You could say it runs in the family. This is such an exciting opportunity.”
After almost five years with Ayrton, and an even longer association with the brand which stretches back to the early days of the company, Linnea is one of Ayrton’s own, and with an enviable industry lineage she brings a wealth of product and market knowledge.
“Ayrton is considered a top brand internationally and the time has come to properly introduce the product line and brand to the Swedish market, which is generally very quality- and design-aware, so there is great potential for a perfect match,” Linnea says. “I am really looking forward to dedicating more time and focus exclusively to our Swedish customers to ensure they get the best support possible.”
“When Linnea broached this idea I admit to being a little torn,” says Ayrton CEO, Chris Ferrante. “Linnea has not only been an incredibly valuable member of the Ayrton team but has brought us so much more than just sales. Her brilliant championing of Women In Lighting from an entertainment lighting perspective shows how multi-faceted Linnea is.”
“Women In Lighting is important because it generates change and there is a need for it,” she says. “Hearing the stories of other industry women and the encouraging words from male supporters is empowering. To remain as part of Ayrton’s extended team and continue the work with WIL means a lot to me because, together, we can make a difference. Iceland, Sweden and Finland are top three on The Economist´s glass-ceiling index this year, yet still, I am the first woman in Scandinavia to found a stage technology distribution company. I hope I can inspire others to follow.”
“The impending change is very exciting,” adds Michael Althaus, global sales director of Ayrton. “It will most certainly further Ayrton’s long-term goals of driving premium, exclusive distribution, and give the Swedish market the level of attention it deserves and has been lacking. We wish Linnea all the best in this new endeavour and will be doing absolutely everything we can to deliver success!”
Linnea is now looking for a sales person to join the Topstage team, and will see the company’s first official appointment as distributor at the Ayrton Open Days in Paris (4-5 April 2023). “I hope to see many Swedish customers and designers there at Ayrton HQ to give them a real insight into what Ayrton has to offer, and where the magic happens,” she says.

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