BassBox Pro and X.Over Pro are a suite of programs designed to give the constructor a hassle-free method of constructing their own speaker cabinets.

BassBox Pro has a selection of seven cabinet styles with user-customizable parameters including dimensions, driver choice and vented or enclosed styles. A wide variety of drivers are available from including single, dual and three-way cone drivers and flat radiators. The BassBox software is aimed at the home/semi-professional constructor looking to build cabinets for the home hi-fi, small venue or car.

To this end the software has a section depicting typical home and car acoustics to help the constructor choose their design. X.Over Pro is a standalone crossover design program that is quite comprehensive and allows the user to design their own crossovers or modify examples. All parameters are calculated and response graphs updated as values are changed. Graphs are generated for common requirements such a 3dB crossover points, as well as showing phase lead/lag of the wave-fronts of each driver in the design. X.Over Pro would be useful for professionals, as well as home constructors, as the maths involved in the crossover design is all taken care of, with excellent graphical representations. In both cases the Windows-based software is easy to use with excellent manuals explaining from first principles the nature of speaker operation and the parameters involved in speaker design. If you fancy having a go at building your own cabinets for the home or small venue, but are too lazy to reach for the calculator and a textbook, then this software is for you.

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