BishopSound debuts ‘British voiced’ models
Thursday, 1 October 2020
bishopThe Orion 8 and 12 are available immediately direct from BishopSound
UK - Crystal clear full range flat response sound is the Holy Grail for guitarists using modelling or advanced FX processors - but traditionally the sort of amplifier and speaker quality required has come at a high price.
Now, UK PA specialist BishopSound has announced its two “British voiced” FRFR contenders. The Orion 8 300w and the 400 Watt RMS Orion 12 are fully capable of achieving FRFR quality at a very affordable price, says the company.
The trapezoidal compact Orion 8 weighs in at 9kg and includes TWS Bluetooth enabling guitarist to sing and play along to any track for rehearsal at home, in a studio, live streaming or professional performance.
The Orion 12 is much more than a conventional FRFR amp and speaker, coming with onboard Bluetooth which means users can drive it from a smartphone to provide backing tracks. The Orion also features a separate USB input and a full five band EQ so users can get exactly the sound they want. Suitable for home practice or recording but equally capable of producing 400 Watts RMS on stage or at rehearsals, sturdily constructed in moulded enclosures, the Orion 8 and the 12 come complete with a 35mm pole mount and can be used in a variety of positions, including on its side in floor monitor mode.
Offering twin channel performance, Orion users can employ the mic channel as a mono modeller input via a jack plug, the line channel then provides stereo inputs (with a mono output) using either a 2x mono jack to 2x phono adaptor or a 2x mono jack to stereo minijack adaptor. Equally, an Orion user can run vocals and a backing track and a stereo modeller (or acoustic guitar with stereo FX) in the line channel.

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