Bosch debuts PRM-4P600 power amplifier
Monday, 13 February 2023
boschThe Bosch PRM-4P600 power amplifier will be available in spring 2023
Europe - Bosch has announced the launch of the PRM-4P600 multi-channel power amplifier for driving sound systems in commercial installations. As one of the most powerful products in the current portfolio, the PRM-4P600 significantly expands the application range for music and announcements.
Intelligent Bosch amplifier technologies enable flexible installation options and achieve low cost of ownership via reduced energy consumption. With a total amplifier power density of 600 watts and full flexibility over its four channels, the PRM-4P600 perfectly fits small to mid-sized commercial installations, such as retail stores, bars, restaurants, educational facilities, and more.
The PRM-4P600 features an industrial design housed in a robust enclosure that takes only 1RU of rack space and requires minimal ventilation space. Designed as a convection-cooled power amplifier, the device operates silently, making it also suitable for quiet environments. All the amplifier’s channels can be driven in 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 70 V or 100 V without compromising the available output power, allowing for a wide range of installation options.
The new powerTANK technology also adds flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600 watts, the PRM-4P600 can deliver asymmetric power to each of its four amplifier channels as needed (up to 300 watts per single channel). All available energy is efficiently used, which allows great flexibility – especially when driving multiple audio zones with different power requirements.
A complete package of protection circuitry with sophisticated limiters protects the amplifier and the connected loudspeakers from damage. Thanks to dualCOOL, a built-in multi-stage fan will be activated under extreme thermal conditions to maintain full operation – even at temperatures of up to 45°C. In addition, Power Factor Correction (PFC) for the power supply can withstand large voltage swings, maximizing uninterrupted sound system amplification. These advanced protections provide maximum operational reliability and give the user peace of mind that the PRM-4P600 will operate flawlessly even in the most demanding environments, says Bosch.

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