Carlsbro has launched what it claims to be one of the first efficient mobile or static monster speaker systems available in Europe. Following extensive trials in venues across the UK, at a recent rave in London, a sound check revealed that the system delivered a record 165db with no audible distortion. A pneumatic drill delivers 110db. This prompted one of the driver manufacturers to fly two engineers over from America to determine how this was achieved. Radio one DJ Dave Pearce listened to the system last week and is quoted as saying: "It is the best speaker system I have ever heard. It makes the Dance music I play come to life and the bass thump is wicked."

Meanwhile, a group of gospel singers from America flew into West Yorkshire to sing at Huddersfield Christian Fellowship where a multiple system delivered 22,000W of music to the 1,000 strong congregation. The choir, which has previously performed with artists such as Whitney Houston to Luther Vandross, were reported to be overwhelmed by the richness and power of these speakers.

(Lee Baldock)

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