ChamSys debuts MagicQ MQ500M Stadium
Thursday, 23 July 2020
mq500mscreengrabThe MagicQ MQ500M Stadium incorporates an array of software features
UK - ChamSys has introduced the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console. This new desk, which offers 256 universes of control direct from the console without the need for additional processing nodes, gives designers and programmers greater flexibility at the highest level of show control, says the company.
The MagicQ MQ500M Stadium incorporates an array of software features that support motorised playback faders, playback encoders and customizable illumination. Thanks to its motorized function, the playback section can be used for multiple purposes with shortcut buttons to change the function.
With 15 motorised faders and 15 playback encoders per bank - and up to six banks - a total of 180 playbacks can be accessed at the touch of a button. RGB LED illumination enables different colours to be assigned to each individual fader and playback encoder enabling unlimited customisation.
In keeping with its versatile design, the MQ500M Stadium console supports many different fader modes in addition to the playback mode, enabling the playback section to be used in a wide variety of applications.
The programmer modes give access to intensities for each patched fixture, to groups of fixtures, or to individual channels of a fixture. The selected modes enable instant access to the intensities or channels of the currently selected fixtures.
The master modes provide instant master control of individual fixtures or groups of fixtures without having to pre-program masters, making it ideal for those live moments when lights are flaring in cameras or key lights need modifying.
Playback encoders can be used in many different ways: controlling intensity, LTP channels, FX size, FX speed, rate and time. They can also control cue stacks of their own, be tied to the fader playback below, or even control a whole bank of playbacks.
Ergonomically designed with an inbuilt UPS, the console has two inbuilt full HD multi-touch displays with adjustable viewing angles. The feature-rich MagicQ MQ500M Stadium Wing adds a third full HD multi touch display and doubles the number of fader and encoder playbacks. Up to five additional touch monitors can be connected to the system via network using the simple Multi-Window PC application giving a total of eight monitors.

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