ChamSys MagicQ finds home in Elsewhere
Friday, 21 February 2020
elsewherebrooklynphoto-credit-is-luis-nieto-dickensTying the creative cauldron together is a flexible lighting system (photo: Luis Nieto Dickens)
USA - Every form of the city’s creative expression seems to find a home with the 24,000sq. ft confines of Elsewhere in New York City, which houses a loft café, art gallery and four performance spaces. It is, as one New York newspaper critic declared, a “community-driven environment where art thrives and different cultures meet”.
Tying this creative cauldron together is a flexible lighting system that includes a large number of moving luminaires and stage fixtures as well as LED panels, most of which are controlled by the house ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 console. Chris Madden, head of production at Elsewhere, selected the ChamSys desk as the club’s main console because of its price to performance ratio.
“In addition to having a large number of fixtures, Elsewhere relies heavily on LED installations in the Hall, and throughout the building,” says Madden. “The MQ80 can handle a huge number of universes, in particular for its price point. It allows us to control all of our fixtures and multiple LED installations. Additionally, when artists bring in their own lighting package or video wall to the club, we still have open universes to control them as well.”
Elsewhere’s four performance spaces are The Hall (700 Cap), Zone One (250 cap), the Loft (100 cap) and a rooftop space (500 cap). The MagicQ MQ80 controls the lights in the Hall, where the headliner performances take place, while a MagicQ PC Wing with a computer runs lights in Zone One.
“Everything in Bushwick is busking,” says lighting designer David Wilson. “The vibe here is DIY, so people really like to get into it. With this in mind, I would say that flexibility is the number one asset that the MQ80 brings to the table for me as an LD. What’s really important, given the flexibility the ChamSys has, is understanding the relationship between your executor pages, playbacks and programmer. Once you get that down, things start to move quickly.”
(Jim Evans)

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