Chroma-Q adds pole operated accessory
Thursday, 17 December 2020
chroma-q-pole-operated-pan-and-tilt-yokeThe new accessory is available now
USA - Chroma-Q has announced the launch of a new Pole Operated Pan & Tilt Yoke accessory for their Space Force Octo and Space Force onebytwo fixtures.
Over the past few months Chroma-Q says it has seen a large increase in demand from their film and TV customers, particularly for its Space Force range of fixtures.
“The development and launch of this new accessory came about due to customer demand. We are delighted to be able to give our customers what they want and endeavour to respond to their needs to ensure our products tick all the boxes,” comments Chroma-Q’s global brand manager, Paul Pelletier.
“In such a fast-paced industry, having the ability to make changes quickly and easily is essential. Thanks to the pole operation, operators will now be able to make adjustments whilst keeping both feet on the ground - removing the need for ladders on set not only keeps things tidier but also removes a potential safety hazard.”

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