CityHope Church upgrades with Quantum338
Friday, 3 September 2021
digicocityhopeThe newly installed DiGiCo Quantum338
USA - CityHope Church in Mobile, Alabama’s metro area has just made another leap forward with its summer installation of a new DiGiCo Quantum338 console at its flagship Malbis campus, just north of Daphne.
It’s the centrepiece of a larger audio upgrade that also includes two integrated DMI-Dante cards, an Orange Box interface for MADI, integrated DMI-KLANG card for in-ear monitor mixing, SD-Rack fitted with 32-bit “Ultimate Stadius” mic preamps, SD-MiNi Rack used for broadcast audio-for-video I/O (including video switcher, computers, and lobby audio-processor feeds), and DiGiGrid rackmount Quad MADI interface that allows recording of up to 128 channels at 96 kHz. The Q338 console, SD-Racks and KLANG audio are all on a newly-installed Optocore loop network.
The entire package was specified, designed and installed by Springville, Alabama-based AVL firm ESB Group, the same integrator that installed CityHope’s L-Acoustics Kara(i) and ARCS WiFo loudspeaker systems six years earlier when the fast-growing church first moved into its new 1,400-seat worship centre, which at the time more than doubled CityHope’s worship space.
The installation of the new DiGiCo Q338 console replaces three existing consoles with the single Q338 desk. “The consoles they had at front of house, monitor world, and broadcast were showing their age and lack of support, but putting in the DiGiCo Quantum console was more than just an upgrade - it represented an order-of-magnitude improvement,” says ESB Group Solutions architect/design engineer Drew Breland.
“For starters, it’s completely eliminated two entire consoles, at monitors and broadcast. The Quantum console at FOH and the KLANG card take care of all of the sound in the house, from the PA to the in-ear monitors on stage,” where, he adds, the church’s usual complement of five vocalists, two electric guitarists, acoustic guitarist, electric bassist, keyboardist, and drummer have taken quickly and completely to KLANG’s immersive mixing.
At CityHope Church, the new audio upgrade was paying dividends from day one. “And that would be a win for any church,” Breland adds.

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