CSE with OPTI DMX Club Strobeflowers
Monday, 18 February 2002
CSE with OPTI DMX Club Strobeflowers
One of the most enduring effects in the club scene is the Strobeflower from Luton-based lighting specialists, OPTI. When it was first launched, it proved an instant hit with promoters because it combined laser-like effects without the cost and complexity associated with true lasers. As a result, it has become one of the all-time classic effects for concerts, clubs and events all over the world.

Now it’s received an important updating which puts it right back into the forefront of dance music theatre. OPTI has introduced a DMX to Analogue converter box that can be used with its Club Strobeflower, Terrastrobe or the Shutter/Dimming option of the K Range projectors to allow easier control from a central lighting desk. Taking advantage of this development, UK lighting hire company Colour Sound Experiment (CSE) based in Park Royal, London, have converted their entire hire stock of OPTI Club Strobeflowers. These have since been featured on tours by dance acts, Orbital and The Bays, as well as at The End’s recent sixth birthday celebrations.

CSE’s Haydn Cruickshank told us: "The Strobeflower effect has remained unique to OPTI since the heyday of the rave scene more than 10 years ago. There’s no other lighting effect, except a laser, that comes anywhere near it. Now OPTI have provided a DMX control option we see a resurgence in its popularity, which is why I chose to convert our stock over. The dedicated analogue controller can still be used with the OPTI Club Strobeflowers, but hooking them into DMX makes them so much simpler to rig and operating them from the main DMX lighting control desk means incorporating them into the overall show programming has become easier too."

(Ruth Rossington)

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