DAR Goes Live with Trigger
Friday, 23 November 2001
DAR Goes Live with TriggerDAR's Trigger Audio Replay System.
Digital Audio Research Limited (DAR) has launched the Trigger Audio Replay System, building on its innovative workstation and disk-recorder technology to create a unique, flexible and powerful system for live television productions, as well as for radio and live theatre. Ideally suited to game show applications, Trigger provides easy-to-use instant-play facilities, allowing sound effects, music segments and voice-overs to be managed from a single system.

Trigger offers the the ability to record, edit, assign and replay audio segments from within a single-screen display. Mono and stereo audio segments can be assigned across up to four stereo outputs, with segments sequenced as four separate Playlists, or triggered individually by the 32 instant-play Trigger keys. Specific segments can be programmed for triggering by external switching - including contestants' and presenters' buttons, and console fader-starts - with Trigger also able to generate or respond to MIDI commands for synchronizing audio play-outs to other events and equipment, such as studio lighting.

Trigger can be operated as a stand-alone system - or, using DAR's D-net protocol, Trigger systems can be networked to each other, or linked to a studio-wide, server-based audio network. A disk-based system, Trigger is supplied with an 18GB internal hard drive, plus a choice of removable-media drives including DVD-RAM, MO and Zip. Trigger's built-in editing functions provide the ability to fine-tune audio segments independently - trim start and end points, adjust fade-in and fade-out slopes, set gain levels, and adjust EQ settings with DAR's renowned four-band parametric design.

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