DiGiCo updates S-Series software
Monday, 4 July 2022
s-seriesVersion 3.0 is free to all S-Series owners and is available from the company website
UK - DiGiCo has announced the release of its latest Version 3.0 software update, increasing the processing power of its small footprint S-Series consoles. Version 3.0 offers an optional software expansion that significantly increases the channel count from 48 to 60 flexi channels and 24 flexi busses, turning S-Series consoles into an S21+ or an S31+.
V3.0 includes two new Master Buss configurations: LCR (Left Centre Right) or LRM (Left Right Mono), providing additional control on the channels over the LCR blend or the LRM Mono Gain. LCR or LRM are ideal for running an expanded speaker setup or sending out a mono mix alongside your stereo mix. And increasing the Master Buss size doesn’t introduce any compromises: you still have access to all your busses and channels.
Software version 2.2 introduced OSC Control of Snapshots. Version 3.0 extends the OSC control capabilities to channel processing controls. With the ability to control many aspects of channel and buss processing including EQ and dynamics, this update adds a huge amount of flexibility when integrating your S series console with external remote control systems.
Version 3.0 now adds compatibility for MADI Sample Rate Conversion on the DMI-MADI-B and DMI-MADI-C. SRC allows the S21 or S31 to run at a different sample rate to connected MADI devices, providing useful flexibility when connecting to external MADI devices. This is commonly used for recording and virtual soundchecks, and for maximum compatibility, both Hi-Speed and SMUX 96k MADI modes are supported.
Compatibility for DiGiCo’s Dante based DQ Rack, a compact 48 in, 24 out high-performance Stage Rack, is also included
“Our aim is to always give our consoles a long lifespan and maximise return on investment,” says DiGiCo managing director, Austin Freshwater. “Our software upgrades allow our consoles to not only keep pace with what engineers need now, but anticipate what will be needed in the future, meaning your DiGiCo consoles are always a step ahead. This is exactly what we’ve done with Version 3.0 for the S-Series, which not only seriously expands the channel count of the S21 and S31, but adds some really useful features that will take S-Series into new markets.”

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