Digital Speaker Array from Hacousto
Friday, 21 September 2001
PLASA saw the launch of the Messenger XL - a new fully digital sidelobe-free speaker array by Hacousto International of Holland. Featuring the latest technology based on a patented algorithmic technique, the Messenger XL is ideal for background music and high quality speech applications, especially in reverberant acoustic environments where it is difficult to meet contractual speech intelligibility requirements.

The Messenger XL is completely software controlled allowing the lobe to be easily fine-tuned for specific types of application. Its tightly controlled beam can be shaped to meet application and environment requirements offering a precisely controlled listening field and high intelligibility with a minimum S/N ratio. Featuring a Q factor of 36, (140 by 1400) it compares very favourably with good horn loudspeakers, which are renowned for high Q factors of around 32 and noted for their directional characteristics. Not only is this new speaker array from Hacousto capable of producing consistently high sound quality across the coverage area, but it also offers an architectural advantage in that the unit can be mounted vertically making it easier to meet architectural and aesthetic requirements.

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