DPA Introduces Revolutionary Headband
Wednesday, 11 April 2001
DPA Introduces Revolutionary Headband
DPA Microphones has designed a new headband offering superior sound and functionality for live performance and broadcast. The first model in the current series was the successful 4065, intended for everyday use by the same person: the new 4066 headband offers similar advantages in an environment where there is a different user every day. New adjustment features make it easy and quick to change the placement, from one side of the head to the other, as well as adjusting the length of the microphone boom. As the microphone is omni-directional, it is not necessary to have the microphone stretched out in front of the mouth. The sound quality of the 4065 microphone is consistent in the new 4066, which has a maximum SPL of 144dB - among the best in its class. Morten Stove, CEO of DPA Microphones, explains the background of 4066: "Our objective was to create a more flexible solution to the problem of headset microphones. We tested many different alternatives in conjunction with user input from customers such as Scharf Weisberg in Washington, who has been using the 4065 with the Back Street Boys."

During the development, two factors were highlighted: "The primary issue is the adjustability of the brace behind the neck. Smaller than other models on the market, the 4066 has a 2mm slim tube behind the neck, which is adjustable on both the left and the right side. This feature allows it to fit just about all heads. A flexible boom placement is essential, enabling the visible profile of the microphone to be kept as discreet as possible. Because it is easy to change the boom, broadcasters no longer have to worry about whether they own left or right models. With the 4066, the boom is simply detached and neatly mounted on the required side of the brace," explained Morten Stove. The 4066 is designed for broadcast situations and live events where it is desirable to have professional sound and a low microphone profile. Other uses will be as an alternative to podium microphones, in hotels, at conferences or in churches. Quick mounting solutions mean that presenters can put on the 4066 without the aid of the sound technician.

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