The theatre has completed a significant lighting system upgrade
Australia - Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre features the Joyce Schneider Auditorium, a 500-seat theatre with modern facilities including a comprehensive, computerised sound and lighting control room. The theatre completed a significant lighting system upgrade, transitioning from outdated halogen lamps to more advanced technology.
David Brown, the technical coordinator of the venue, explained that the upgrade had been planned for some time, but the increasing difficulty in finding and the high cost of halogen lamps expedited the need for a change. The Covid-19 pandemic, which temporarily suspended performances, provided the perfect opportunity to carry out the upgrade, and David took the chance to conduct an in-depth market research and compare various options. After careful evaluation, he presented a comprehensive report to the council for approval.
Show Technology, the distributor of Prolights in Australia, was chosen to handle the lighting system upgrade. They installed 42 Prolights EclProfile CT+ and 20 Prolights EclFresnel TW.
David says that the tungsten emulation offered by the Prolights EclProfile CT+ is exceptionally good, which is important as some of the touring shows simply want to use them as a conventional lantern with a colour in them. They are positioned on the bridges for easy access and from where they can do their traditional thing.
“They are an excellent fixture, as are the Prolights EclFresnel TW, and they've just fitted in and done the job,” said David. “I like their bright, clean output as well as their natural whites and saturated, vivid colours and of course, they match the Prolights EclFresnel TW fixtures.”
This lighting system upgrade has brought significant improvements to the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, offering a better visual experience for the audience and greater convenience for the technical staff.

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