EAW Line Array Demo
Friday, 29 June 2001
Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW), part of the fast-expanding Mackie Designs Inc group of pro audio manufacturers, hosted a demonstration of the new KF760 line array solution in Amsterdam during the recent Audio Engineering Society Convention. Delegates and press were treated to a full-scale workout for the array, installed at the Jaap Eden Hal ice rink just minutes from the RAI Convention Centre. Over 150 people attended the event, during which director of research and development David Guinness outlined the technology behind the KF760, and traced its evolution within the EAW family of products. "This is really our second-generation line array, after the KF860 - which became a highly specialized product for sight-line events such as television shows, the Superbowl and things like that," he said. "It never got used a lot in touring, however. It was a big cabinet, and we learned a lot from it. We've preserved some things that were very successful about the 860, the key one being that, with its rigid rigging, you can rig it until the last box actually points straight down. So with the KF760, you can rig the curve until you're covering right up to the stage lip." Notwithstanding the informality of the occasion, the demonstration led directly to an order for the Argentinian market.

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